Top 5 places to have coffee in Siliguri


The cafe is a type of restaurant where people go to hang out with their friends, families and groups to spend some quality time with their favorite person. The cafe mainly serves tea, coffee and refreshments such as snacks. The cafe is one of the most popular beverages; some claim it is most widely consumed by liquids. In some countries, cafés are designed to more closely resemble restaurants, offering a range of hot meals and possibly licensed to serve alcohol. The cafe is the place to set a fresh mood and chill with. You will get perfect relaxation and good memories. Do remember to visit a “Royal Hangout Palace ” (Siliguri).

1. The coffee shop

It is a good place to sit and relax and mooch around with friends. You can have a lot of stuff to eat here. You can even celebrate birthdays here. There are many restaurants and shops nearby so you can eat and chill. You can have sandwiches, burgers, pizzas,ice-creams and many more food items to eat. Both vegetarian and nonvegetarian foods are available. The coffee shop serves the foods and drinks in a very organized manner with beautifully plated food items. The Coffee Shop is a favorite of mine.

This is one of the finest cafes in town with beautiful interiors, cordial staff, and some lip-smacking food, located in Vega Circle, Siliguri. This is one awesome amazing place which has the food, ambiance, staff and delicious savories in the menu all complementing each other….serving up meals pleasing to the eye and palate…with a refreshing fresh lime as a companion. Helpful staff but a bit slow which is understandable due to new year’s eve. They have a variety of options starting from coffees, shakes to desserts too.

2. King’s savor

A very pretty place with beautiful decoration and a friendly environment that serves the real flavor of the coffee. Located in the lower basement of City Centre this cafe is famous for its DIY decor. They have a capacity to accommodate around 15 people at a time. The view from the outside is amazing. You can see almost the whole city from there. It has a roadside modern decorative sitting arrangement for relaxation of mind. They have a big open space for decorating as per your need.

It’s a complete entertainment zone where you can spend your entire day and have fun. It has a customized setup. The ambiance of this place is amazing and the music adds more beauty to it. Cinnamon rolls, chicken pie, Darjeeling tea, hot chocolate are some of the favorites of the menu you should try. Keep your busy schedule aside and just pay attention to what enjoy are you getting what are you doing look around the atmosphere, environment, themes, graphics, foods, menus.

Bring out all your cravings and taste most of the foods and other drinks to have…Different Flavours of coffee are there on the menu. The shop also believes that customer satisfaction is the main service. You can also get the home delivery service from this restaurant. The staff are very cooperative and helpful to the customers and are very friendly. Also, it is a great place for couples to hangout to spend more and more time with each other.

It is on the 10th floor and is the only rooftop restaurant in Siliguri..You can also book a table of your own to spend time and relax there from your busy coffees ..Must try and enjoy the coffees and raw flavored coffee out there. Available from Monday to Saturday from 11:30 am to 11:00 pm. No contact delivery. Location- City center,ujanu p siliguri,WestBengal.

3. The Dog Villa

Dog villa is one of the newest and unique segments in Siliguri. The interior of the café is beautifully done with many bright chandeliers on the ceiling. There is a small knock for smoking you can’t smoke in the Villa. If you are a dog or a pet lover then I must say it is the perfect place for you to visit. You can feel so grateful and so energetic to visit here.

Some of the special items include chicken keema soup and cute little cupcakes which are already very popular among the dog clan who have been to the villa. Great place, amazing ambiance both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. Outdoor seating arrangements are not that huge but yeah in indoors you can spend time as much as you want.

Good food, beautiful decorations, a very well-balanced ambiance and wonderful staff. The place has a great ambiance, supported by some great music. They serve their special starters like kabab, chicken tikka, paneer tikka, refreshing drinks, ice creams, burgers, French fries, cutlers, etc. Great place to grab a cup of coffee and read a book or simply catch up with friends. You will get the best Neapolitan pizza, Caesar salad and vegetable momos in Siliguri.

Whether you own a dog or not, if you are finding a place where you want to lift your spirits up and get relief from depressive thoughts, this is the place to be. Location- Bidhan Rd, near maa Bhavani, Kali mandir, Ward 12, Hakim Para, Siliguri, West Bengal.

4. The Green Bar

One of the best destinations for foodaholic people in Siliguri. Great place, amazing ambiance both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. Outdoor seating arrangements are not that huge but yeah indoors you can spend time as much as you want. Great food at quite a reasonable price. You will be offered great cold coffee or good tea. Choose between indoor and outdoor seating. The accommodating staff at The Green Bar can show how much they appreciate their guests.

The prompt service is something these restaurateurs care about. You will definitely like the comfortable ambiance and nice decor. The Green Bar will be something more than your expectation. It’s really a good place to bring your friends or close ones and spend your valuable time. It provides the facility of both covered and open dining. The open dining is very beautiful with a set up of artificial grass which gives you a fresh and soothing feeling. And the covered dining place is also beautiful with a beautiful setup with quotes written on the wall and beautiful wall hangings.

The atmosphere is really too awesome. And moreover, the service is also good. Must-Try their mouthwatering dishes like Oreo Pancakes. Tandoori chicken dimsums. Situated inside Pradhan Nagar near Biswadeep cinema hall. You can get a toto or rickshaw from in front of the Biswadeep cinema hall. But the fact is it has seafood catering too, no protein shakes allowed, only foodies are welcomed. I think in Siliguri no one can beat The Green Bar in continental foods. They make this Italian food so tasty I am ready to give it 5 stars. Location- ward 3, Pradhan Nagar Siliguri, West Bengal.

5. Backyard Bistro

To begin with the ambiance, this place just adds everything necessary to one’s imagination of a “bistro.” Amicable hospitality is definitely something to be mentioned. Among your endless visits to the cafe during your stay at Siliguri, there will absolutely not be a single time that you did not enjoy the place, be it in the early hours or in the afternoon, or in the busy evening hours. To talk about the food, you must try hot chocolate, the exclusively available tea blends consisting of rose green tea, chamomile tea, blue tea and so on.

The availability of a wide range of intercontinental to typical desi foods amazed me the most. Also, this cafe is pet-friendly and provides parking space too. If you are willing to try and visit a befitting cafe to satisfy your soul, having an amalgamation of both national yet distinctive to international and sophisticated, right amidst the heart of Siliguri, Lovely concept. And a very intelligent idea to utilize the backyard of one’s house. The place is pretty and has an extensive menu. Perfect place to hang out with friends. If you own a car there is a separate car parking so you do not need to worry.

The place is mostly open, so smokers are not a problem. The ordering is hands-free. You come in and scan the QR code, place your order from their web menu and a waiter will come and confirm it with you. Although the service is late and I don’t blame them cause the food they serve is freshly made, even the burger patty they make themselves and it’s not bought. The most divine is the potato crisp. They are food for sore taste buds.

The heat from the spice and the coolness from the mayonnaise is just the right combination. Built on private property with a very comfortable setup. Minimal decors and open space to enjoy a small date or a family dinner or even a get-together of friends. Very nominal menu with some really good food. The potato skewers, chili momos, waffles, and masala chai are my personal favorites here. Very kind and friendly owner as well always greets me with a smile. A long passage in an old Bonedi House will take you to a bistro in the backyard.

This stunning property is a wonderland for youngsters and the oomph will keep you glued. Simplistic décor but casual arrangements will make you feel comfortable. It has one of the best sanitization processes in practice in town. From morning till night it serves amazing food which suits the taste and mood of city dwellers which is quite evident from the crowd. It’s such a delight to see different groups of people busy in their chit-chat, laughter, friendly banter, etc.

They have a huge collection of books and board games. Needless to say, the chilled-out atmosphere with like-minded people, has become a go-to place in Siliguri. The place is well sanitized, and all the Covid 19 protocols are maintained. Location – near CBI office, college para, Hakim Para Siliguri, West Bengal.


The above-mentioned cafe/Restaurant is one of the best ones that rise above the standard of the cafe. They also take care of the customer’s satisfaction and quality and quantity of food. If food is good then your mood and health are good. Go through the details we provided you. Take your love, friends, family and also book your special days in those places and surprise him/her to make your bond stronger and celebrate your special day there.

I can surely say that you will fall in love with the simplicity of that place and have great fun. the cafe is a great place to grab a cup of coffee and read a book or simply catch up with friends. You can also enjoy the pollution-free atmosphere inside the cafe or restaurant. Hurry up. Do visit and spend your precious time and make your day happy.

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