Best North Indian Restaurants in Siliguri


Thick full-fat yogurt is heavily used in snacks known as chaats, and also is often served along with any normal thali. Milk and products of milk form the foundation of many of the North Indian sweet desserts as well. North Indian foods are heavenly delicious foods which people choose whenever they visit any restaurant. 

It is an emotion for foodies to eat North Indian foods when they are mainly in Siliguri or North Bengal. Here you will be detailed with many such amazing restaurants in Siliguri where you can try various mouthwatering North Indian dishes. Read the following article given below:- 

Best North Indian Restaurants in Siliguri

1. Punjabi kadhai

This is one of the best restaurants in the town. The foods are delicious. Food quantity and quality are quite good. Best is service among all other restaurants. They frequently cater to you and watch if you need something. Hospitality is on point. One can relax with their friends and family over a great choice of food ranging from Authentic North Indian, Asian, and Continental food and a pleasant ambiance which we all look forward to for any special moments.

Don’t bother about the prices as it can compensate with their finest quality of food and their commendable services. Special care and attention have been given to cleanliness and hygiene. It is a well-maintained restaurant, decorated with low lighting for added ambiance. This restaurant has been quietly and consistently dishing out superlative Punjabi food and has built a cult following of sorts. 

The menu is a rich assortment of curries, bread, and tandoori specialties. Try their murgh lagoon kabab, Mutton Adrak Ke Panje – succulent goat ribs flavored with ginger and chargrilled, dal makhani, and the Kabuli naan with its nutty crust with hints of caramelized sugar. There is no dessert on the menu, but you will perhaps be too full anyway. The hospitality offered by each of the staff is par excellence. 

The table and chairs were thoroughly sanitized and all the cutlery sets were provided in polythene packing to ensure 100% hygiene. Hands down, this is the best north Indian food you will ever find in Siliguri. At the entrance, the real Punjabi emblem, a life-size tractor, creates an impression, replicating itself on everything from the logo to the menu. The mood of the modern Dhaba is built-in with the simplicity of using milk cans and oil holders as lampshades, framed kitsch art advertising, and hardwood furniture with phulkari cushions on the benches.

 The aromas are appealing, the spices are well balanced, The ingredients are fresh and soft, and they have a wide variety of dishes to choose from in North India, and continental, along with unique fusion foods that you will not find anywhere else, like round Spanish omelets, and more. This place also has a good ambiance. The only downside is the fact that this place does not have the full Indian menu such as East Indian, Bengali, or South Indian foods, because they specialize in North Indian. 

And this place is not for people who prefer “aggressive, over-spiced, saturated, heavy food”. Although, Because, this place has balanced gentle flavors with a slight twist on authenticity which doesn’t make it completely traditional, it’s definitely worth the high price because of the other factors in their amazing quality. Must visit to try their amazing North Indian foods. Location – Sevoke road, near Anandalok Hospital, Bhanu Nagar, Siliguri.

2. Dhaba by Amber

If you are going in a group this place is the best. you’ll get a good amount of food. It is situated on hill cart road, Siliguri. Just beside the main road. So location is extremely easy to reach via bus, auto, rickshaw or anything. The guards will guide you to the restaurant. And the waiters will guide you to the table. Various dishes are there. 

They present such tasty and yummy foods. The theme of the restaurant is something very tasteful. The ambiance is very artistic. They have all kinds of foods on their menu.. they also provide the booze and they have menu cards separately for that. Prices are a little bit high according to the common restaurant, but it suits the taste and the ambiance of this place.

 The specialty of this place lies in its spectacular interior which will make you feel the vibe of pure roadside Punjabi Dhaba in a room and additionally you’ll get very good quality food at a reasonable price. An attractive, colorful, modern place to be. The Interior is mixed with Indian and Western-style. Various choices of veg and non-veg. Good options of snacks, what to enjoy with beer, special cocktails, or mocktails. 

 Their special dishes like sing Saab chicken and jalebi are the most mouth-watering dishes. Their cheese naan is the best in the city. The ambiance is amazing and the theme of the restaurant is unique. Each table has a particular and unique theme. The staff and the waiters are friendly. The music, lighting, and decor are perfect to fill up your evening with a charm. The Indian cuisine is dominated by the Punjab influence and the cocktails have a nice spin around it.

 Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus are diverse and offer exhaustive choice, though a bit restrictive in that it is mostly North Indian. The food tastes excellent and is well served. The setting is distinctive in that it is an upscale version of a North Indian Dhaba, as are the plates, silverware, etc.  Traditional Indian foods are best here. This place also includes a bar which contains many sorts of drinks. Thumbs up for the uniqueness bills are given inside a postbox. Veg -nonveg food available.

 A lot of variety of food items are available here. Food quality is superb. Best restaurant in Siliguri for me till now. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available. Though you have to be accompanied by a lady, otherwise you have to go to the drinking-only exclusive bar just below the restaurant. They have the out-of-the-box concept of serving food. While serving you there is a time when all the waiters start dancing to surprise you, it’s cool. 

The place is neatly packed within a container of a Bolly-retro outlook and gives serious thoughts to its presentation. You have almost everything you’d crave in a Dhaba, only that it is now a high-end restaurant. Must visit once to hang out. Location- Ward no 6, Saluja Residence, Hill Cart road Siliguri.

3. The Yellow Chilli Restaurant

Located at the heart of Siliguri town ..this is one of the best Indian restaurants in the city. Awesome place, very well behaved staff, Very lively and positive atmosphere. There is a separate waiting area in case all the tables are full. The restaurant is on the top floor but there is an elevator. Also ample space for four-wheeler parking.

 The restaurant is wheelchair accessible. Separate Bar and dining areas so people who don’t like to be near alcohol will not have any issues.  Also, the dining area has a no-smoking zone. Food standard has been maintained over the years. The dim sum and turnip cakes are to die for. There is a separate part for office parties but you need to give them prior notice for that. All the staff are nice and well behaved, they will make you feel special.

 They will guide you with the menu. Every dish that you will taste is brilliant. They claim these to be signature dishes from Sanjib Kapoor. Talking about the ambiance. There’s a family restaurant and a bar. You can check both of them and the bar as the family restaurant was too family style. The bar had much of a youngster feel. And not to forget. The complementary paan that they provide after your meal is lovely. It’s nicely wrapped.

 It’s more of a Chota packet bada dhamaka. This place has to be the best fine dining option as of now in our little city. The food quality is exceptional though a tad on the higher side than most restaurants of the same category here. The standard is maintained in terms of restaurant ambiance, decor, food quality, hygiene, and most importantly staff behavior. 

From the hostess to your server, they treat you with the utmost courtesy and are very accommodating in terms of the little adjustments you want in the menu. Even the washroom was spotlessly clean at the busy lunch hour. Hope they keep the standard going and would look forward to the weekend lunch/dinner buffet. Locations – 3rd the planet-building, Sevoke road near Cosmo mall, Siliguri.

4. Hiccups Pure Veg Restaurant & Cafe

The food is great and delightful. A pure vegetarian restaurant with good and knowledgeable staff. They try to explain to you each item on the menu. The ambiance is what you will like about it. The sitting chairs quality is what is to be worked upon. With time it becomes too uncomfortable. Even my friends have dealt with this problem. The food will give a smile to your face. Great place with quality food of various cuisines. 

They do justice to the dishes and don’t just put them there on the menu for the sake of it. The ambiance is an added advantage with different seating options. The place opens at 7.30 am which is amazing as there was no cafe breakfast option in Siliguri. They also arrange small special things for birthdays, and those performances are very nice. This is a Punjabi Dhaba where you can get both north Indian, Chinese, and Punjabi dishes. Both Veg – Nonveg food is available.

 A lot of variety of food items are available here. Though it is a bit expensive for a single person, better to go there in a group. Food quality is superb. Best restaurant in Siliguri for me till now. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available. Though you have to be accompanied by a lady, otherwise you have to go to the drinking-only exclusive bar just below the restaurant. 

This restaurant in the middle of the market has a great view one would fall in addiction with. The food here is so good. The menu offers a wide variety of mouth-watering starters, main course, desserts as well as cocktails and mocktails. The food quality is good and right from Indian Chinese or Italian everything is made nicely. The environment is very cozy. The perfect place to go out with friends and family. Perfect place to spend some time with your close one. Location- 2/5 mile, Sevoke road, near Vega circle mall, Siliguri.

5. Sri Sagar

This Vegetarian restaurant at khalpara Gandhi maidan area is one of the few known good restaurants in Siliguri. Very well-maintained restaurant. Food is very good, have a good variety in their menu. They also pack thali and other dishes for traveling. A bit expensive but the food is worth the price. One of the best family restaurants in Siliguri provides both North and south Indian foods. 

 It has been renovated recently and has given a great look. People throng this place and often one has to wait for a long time to get a seat. All the dishes are tasty and one can get great snacks ( momos, chow mins, varieties of chats, etc ) here. They have in-house bakery products too. The price is very considerable without messing up with the quality. Sri Sagar Group is defined as expressing delight in finding, discovering, or solving something.

 This is the perfect place for couples to spend a lot of time together. The ambiance is amazing. You will also enjoy the soft music inside. You can have flavors of cocktails and mocktail drinks. They take much less time to serve the food. The environment and the atmosphere are up to your mood. You can spend some time in your evening to get relaxed and fresh. If you’re here then you must try their specialty coffee and Burger. 

Those that truly appreciate great food, craft hospitality, and artisan infrastructure are discovering a better restaurant experience and we have elevated it to an art form. In our warm contemporary and slightly rustic environment, we create crave dining experiences in a classy and approachable atmosphere. Location- ward no 8, near Gandhi maidan, khalpara Siliguri.

6. Sagar family restaurant

It’s a very hygienic place when you’re traveling from Siliguri to Sikkim. It has both gent’s and ladies toilets neat and clean. Food is excellent, for which one can leave non-vegetarian food. If you’re in doubt about what to eat then you can always go for their thalis, which contain the majority of their specialties in a single platter. A small niggle is due to their high standards and good quality food they’re always overcrowded and underserved.

 It’ll be better if the person or the family reaches before time to get their table and to get served properly by their waiters. The takeaway system is also good and they use corrugated boxes for packing. Location – Sevoke road, near Bhakti Nagar, Ward 42, Don Bosco colony, Siliguri.

7. Bhojohori Manna

One of the best Bengali cuisine in the entire Siliguri. The restaurant was very well maintained and the staff are very polite. The ambiance gives a retro with a modern vibe and the food was so delicious. Probably the best place to try out Bengali food. It covers almost all items ranging from snacks to meals. Starters like chop and cutlets are served with kasundi which was yum. In meals, special preparations are wonderful like Hilsa Bhapa, Shorshe Hilsa When it’s a place for Bengalis then fish items are a must. 

Even Katla or choto maach is tasty. Among chicken and mutton preparations by far, the best is Chicken or Mutton Duckbunglow it’s wonderful and is served with chicken or Mutton pieces along with two eggs. Vegetarian side dishes like sukto,posto,fulkopi tarkari,jhuri aloo bhaja,cholar dal are also very tasty. Food is delicious and served hot and fresh.

 Another special attraction was the lebu lonka. Chutney variations are seasonal like Kacha Aamer tok during summer months and normal tomato chutney during the rest of the year. On festive days the thali system is there. The decor has not changed to keep up with the times, and the place has more of a lower-end restaurant vibe than upmarket.

 The food is still quite good, and the staff tries to help, but the place is quite a long shot from being either upscale or fine-dining anymore. Must visit to have homily food here. Location – 2nd-floor hotel golden moment, 143, hill cart rd, Siliguri.

8. Skkky club

A perfect place for a dine-out. It is on the 10th floor and the view from the terrace is so mind-blowing that you can sit there for hours without even worrying about any other thing in life. The food is also very tasty, the service is excellent and super fast. The open rooftop section is also cool but only preferred on cooler days. The interiors are well designed, apart from the main restaurant they have a live band section they play every evening except Mondays. 

They also have a pool table and a private hall.  Overall this place is a good choice for Indian and Chinese dishes both for lunch and dinner. You can go with your family, sit inside and enjoy the live performance along with the food. The night view is superb, the food quality is inferior in some categories compared to other similar standard restaurants in d area, but the overall point of view d place is simply mind-blowing for view, ambiance and especially live band with a melodious song or you can also take your girl out on an open roof date. 

You can see almost the whole city from there. Added to it the live music and a bunch of lip-smacking cuisines are surely gonna make your evenings memorable. This restaurant has taken some special arrangements towards COVID-19 safety. The location is highly accessible from any corner of Siliguri. Nice decor and ambiance. Well-behaved staff. It has a bar on the 3rd floor where people above 18 years can visit and enjoy. 

They also serve different flavors of beers and cocktails. Couples and groups of friends can visit here to enjoy their birthday party or hang out. They follow all precision and measure safety for the customers. “Perfect food, perfect service”. On request, they also perform dedications. Hospitality, serving time, food quality, price is all good for your mood, hunger, tummy, and your wallet. You get a lovely Bird’s eye view from the restaurant. It’s a very beautiful place. Parking too has been well taken care of.

9. Royal Sartaj

 On the entrance, after sanitizing your hand and feet, thermal scanning is being done to all the guests. It is also famous for its interior humorous design from a tractor as a center of attraction for people coming from urban areas to the nicely converted food-garnished-Bollywood stereotype dialogue’s frame which makes it perfectly suitable.  All the delivery boys’ temperatures are also checked before they deliver the food. All the staff is maintaining proper hygiene and routine check-up is done to all of them before they start their work. 

The seating arrangement is done in such a way that social distancing can be maintained. All the chairs and tables are sanitized frequently. For additional safety purposes, they have started contactless E-Menu and payment systems too. For more safety, they are providing optional Biodegradable cutlery to the guests. Besides that, they are serving their special Immunity kadha to every guest.. separate bar and restaurant sections… also has a banquet hall for organizing parties and other occasions… eloquent ambiance… with soft music being played in the background.

 The restaurant offers a variety of North Indian cuisines (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian), and also Chinese and Mughlai platters, at affordable prices. The quality of food is appreciable, and the quantity of food is unquestionable (more quantity than expected). The staff is very friendly and approachable. All-in-one, a must place to be visited if you’re thinking of good dining at Siliguri.A new revamped and posh new retro from  Sartaj. Most Siliguri sites have known Sartaj as the best resto in town for a long time. The original one has lost its old charm and is plagued with imbecile and abusive staff. 

The Royal Sartaj is however a better and more viable place. Both by ambiance and staff behavior. The service and the surroundings just attract me to visit every time.The care is taken till you enter and you leave the place.  Enjoyed the unique interior and branding materials, great humor on the quotes across their wall as art. Do visit here. Location – Opp Cosmo mall, Sevoke road, Siliguri.

10. Santa Banta Dhaba

Situated in a hustle and bustle place near Bagdogra Airport, this place is a huge hit with passengers traveling to the airport for lunch and dinner. They serve authentic Bengali food with other cuisines also. We had fish curry, chicken curry, and mutton curry along with rice and it was heavenly. After having Chinese, momos, and Nepalese cuisine for five days in Gangtok this was heavenly for us.

 Nicely located with huge parking spaces and has other restaurants also this place is buzzing with guests. The taste of all was great. the owners treat their guests as their guests visiting their home. it’s not a place for business for them it’s more about treating the guests esp the visitors and tourists of the hills with hot nutritious food and embracing them with the best of hospitality. 

Their quick connection with the guests and catering to the taste buds make the place more than just another place..Everyone should visit once and check it out by themselves.. be it the Northern or southern food.. everything is served garnished and seasoned with love n affection. The food is freshly made. The taste of the food is the best. It’s just fabulous. The staff is very good and friendly. The service is excellent. 

The quality of the food is just awesome. It’s a well-decorated restaurant. The inside of the restaurant is too good which makes the food even better. North Indian food… The service is a bit haphazard… But the staff are good at handling the crowd… They need to centralize the reservation policy… Food is undoubtedly very good… Decor and ambiance are very basic… The pocket pinch is a bit high… But it is acceptable…Excellent place, a hidden gem. The preparation and serving are both excellent. 

Nice Bollywood-themed specialty restaurant serving a variety of relishing dishes in North Indian and Chinese cuisines, which promise to provide a delectable experience. The food they serve is known for its spicy indulgence and distinct aroma. The mystical blend of ingredients and the secret of age-old condiments provide a gratifying taste to the diners. . It specializes in lip smacking Chinese cuisine as well as North Indian food.

 It has two completely separate sections both for Chinese and North Indian cuisines. Customer Service and the attitude of the staff is quite friendly. The price is reasonable considering the excellent quality and sizable quantity of every food item they serve. A visit to this restaurant is worth it. The first floor in both the sections is generally reserved for families although that’s not a policy. 

They need to improve the variety of the items they serve although they do have a decent variety in both Chinese and North Indian cuisines. A happy hour buffet or some exciting combo offers (Food and drinks both) would make it a strong competitor of some of the finest restaurants. One should visit. Location – Jeevandeep building, Salugara, Siliguri.


As you know, the traditional Indian food culture should not be forgotten by every generation as it shows the identity of the Indian people itself in terms of culture and norms. With this rich information of this article, we hope that readers will gain knowledge and benefits about the North Indian food culture. We also hope that the younger generations will continue the tradition and practice so that it will not be elapsed over time.

 This is common in every part of India and has helped in spreading the popularity of various regional dishes in other parts of India. Festivals and food prepared during festivals have their significance too. For example in Maharashtra, Makar Sankranti is observed in January. Indian cuisine is known for its variety, nutritional value, lip-smacking and great taste.

 Most of the recipes are dependent on the use of several spices which enhances the taste.  This article will help you a lot to choose your best places to have some mouthwatering foods.

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