Top 10 Restaurants in siliguri


There are some of the best restaurants in Siliguri where Indian, Chinese, Italian etc food is being served. Bengalis love to eat varieties of food. And it is a popular place where you can get many Bengali dishes. Here are many food bloggers who try to explore many areas and make food blogs. Siliguri is the second largest place in west Bengal in terms of trade, business, etc.

You will get the most satisfying place to have variations of foods here, explore them with your friends, families and special ones. You can also enjoy the view of the naturalist and friendly atmosphere. Food is a part of life, and taste is an emotion .” Yummy Yummy in my tummy“. You can find some street foods, restaurant foods, and many more. Go and explore such places over here details given below.

Top 10 restaurants in siliguri

1.Punjabi Kadhai

Every dish you order here is amazing. The staff is very friendly and caring and packed tables on a weeknight tell you that most customers are loyal returning ones. Try the chicken handi and the Khullar brownie. They also managed to raise their bar level after level True showcase of hard work and dedication. You can also feel the view of Punjab. It is one of the popular dishes here. They also give a special discount to defense personnel. The only restaurant in the city which makes all the items to perfection.

Special care and attention have been given to cleanliness and hygiene. It is a well-maintained restaurant, decorated with low lighting for added ambiance. The hospitality offered by each of the staff is par excellence. The table and chairs were thoroughly sanitized and all the cutlery sets were provided in polythene packing to ensure 100% hygiene. This restaurant has taken some special arrangements towards COVID-19 safety.

The location is highly accessible from any corner of Siliguri. Nice decor and ambiance. Well-behaved staff. It has a bar on the 3rd floor where people above 18 years can visit and enjoy. They also serve different flavors of beers and cocktails. Couples and groups of friends can visit here to enjoy their birthday party or hang out. They follow all precision and measure safety for the customers. “Perfect food, perfect service”. Location – 2nd mile, Siliguri, West Bengal.

2.Dhaba by Amber

Dhaba by Amber has some really mouth-watering delicacies. The food is very good and the ambiance is amazing and attractive, colorful, modern place to be. Interior is mixed with Indian and Western-style. Various choices of veg and nonveg. Good options of snacks, what to enjoy with beer, special cocktails, or mocktails. Green star chicken is a must-try. Perfect place to take a break from the city. Their presentation is very nice and very well maintained. They also arrange small special things for birthdays, and those performances are very nice

. This is a Punjabi Dhaba where you can get both north Indian, Chinese and Punjabi dishes. Both Veg – Nonveg food available. A lot of variety of food items available here. Though it is a bit expensive for a single person, better to go there in a group. Food quality is superb. Best restaurant in Siliguri for me till now. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available. Though you have to be accompanied by a lady, otherwise you have to go to the drinking-only exclusive bar just below the restaurant. This restaurant in the middle of the market has a great view one would fall in addiction with.

The food here is so good. The menu offers a wide variety of mouth-watering starters, main course, desserts as well as cocktails and mocktails. There’s a live Jalebi-making counter. The management has really given a serious thought about the decoration of this place to give a real 5-star dhaba look. From a price point of view, this restaurant will not burn a hole in your pocket while having a great time with friends and family. Location – Hill cart road, ward no.6, Saluja Residency, Siliguri.


The hashtag is one of the oldest and most popular pubs in town. The hashtag is different from other lounges and nightclubs. The ambiance is very good. Music is always playing here. The atmosphere is good with a good mood and lighting. The decor is amazing, starting from the menu cards to the lights and the graphite on the wall, they are quirky and fun. They have used really innovative ideas to decorate the restaurant. The staff is very friendly and well mannered. The bar is right in the middle of the restaurant. They have a separate smoking space. It is a family restaurant so you could go there with your family as well.

Also, it is a perfect place to hang out with your friends. In case you wish to get extra privacy with your beloved they have a separate space for you too. They have a whole range of cocktails and mocktails and they are very tasty. The quality and quantity served both are really good at the price point offered. At 40% off from swiggy, this place is one of the best as per quality and price to the worth ratio for combo meals. Do visit once you will enjoy it a lot. Hurry up. Location – 3rd The Planet Mall Sevoke Road Opp – Cosmo Mall above PC jewelers, Siliguri West Bengal.

4.Around the corner

Awesome place, this place has the potential to become one of the best places to eat in Siliguri. Continental/ western/ Chinese dishes on the Menu are fabulous; they even have some Italian Dishes. This is the perfect place for couples to spend a lot of time together. The ambiance is amazing. You will also enjoy the soft music inside. You can have flavors of cocktails and mocktail drinks.

They take much less time to serve the food. The environment and the atmosphere are up to your mood. You can spend some time in your evening to get relaxed and fresh. If you’re here then you must try their specialty coffee and Burgers. Location – Brahmin Nivas, Patel road, near Biswadeep cinema hall, Siliguri, West Bengal.

5.Indian pagoda siliguri

A fine dining restaurant in our city and it lives up to its reputation. Delicious food with a good ambience for the family. Very courteous and friendly staff who are very efficient in their job. It has a well-stocked bar and a good kitchen with a great chef. An evening spent here is well worth it. One of the best restaurants to hang out with close people and to avoid the crowd. The variety of food on their menu, the flavour and quantity will definitely be up to to your expectations.

It can easily compete with any of the frontline Chinese cuisines of Kolkata. Taste decor..elegant interiors..over courteous staffs and above all absolutely sumptuous food will be a real treat for you. Very nice and beautiful ambience. The restaurant is decorated very properly. They also follow the covid 19 protocol and safety measures by proper cleaning and sanitization. Location- Top plaza, ground floor, sevoke road Siliguri, West Bengal.

6.Hi sprits cafe and pub

This is one of the popular pubs in Siliguri. It has the proper sitting arrangement with a beautiful ambience. The staff are very cooperative and helpful. They give priority to the customers like a family member. It is one of the best places to visit with your friends and family. You can take a short break in your shopping time and visit to have a cup of coffee here you will enjoy it like anything.

It serves many drinks like beers, alcohol, cold drinks etc. You can enjoy their special pan-fried momos and steam momos which are very mouthwatering. They also serve mixed fried rice with chilli chicken which is one of the special items on their menu. You will get the same kind of vibes of Tribes by “Hi spirits”. After renovation, it lost its old charm but still far better than other clubs in the city centre. Location- City centre, Uttorayon Twp Siliguri, West Bengal.

7.The Tribe by Hi sprits

One of the most classy pubs in Siliguri and their food no one can beat the taste. The ambiance is so pretty. They provide awesome foods with so many varieties of alcohol and cocktails. Only they serve authentic Nepali traditional dishes with so many continental dishes. They have a pretty good selection of drinks. Though a bit on the costlier side. Also must try their nonveg platter, more than sufficient for two people. Great food, delicious cocktails and complimentary popcorn.

Most Weekends DJ plays the music and is a customer likely to get cover/entry charges depending upon the event. You can also celebrate your special day by booking their best corner and enjoy the events. It serves many drinks like beers, alcohol, cold drinks etc. You can have a look and hang out with your friends, families and special ones. Location – 3rd floor, Planet Mall, opposite North city apartment, Sevoke Road, Siliguri West Bengal.

8.Netaji cabin

One of the eldest and favourite places for tea lovers..well known for tea and other time pass snacks. staffs are well behaved and are visited by people of all can have a good time with your friends or family in the middle of Siliguri’s favourite market…there’s a little hustle bustle but at last, you’ll fall in love with the simplicity of the place. Once you are there it is like going back in time. You take the rickety wooden steps to the first floor and if you do get a place to sit, god bless you.

Eggs in different shapes, butter on bread and chai. You can also try the upper floor of the cabin. The stairs are a bit small and awkwardly designed but once you are up in the cabin, you will get a different feel. It is also located at one of the main markets in Siliguri and therefore people can grab a quick bite while taking a break from their shopping spree. You have to follow the proper safety of yourself and maintain proper distance to avoid spreading covid19 disease. Location- Bidhan Market rd, Hakim Para Siliguri, West Bengal.

9.Bhojohori Manna

Traditional BENGALI cuisine in the heart of Siliguri. You have to wait for around 30 to 40 minutes to get a table during the holidays so reach early. And also they cook limited items from their menu so go early to taste your choice of food. The food tastes awesome. They serve several Bengali dishes that are found usually in other restaurants. specifically, recommend “payes’ ‘.

The dishes are freshly prepared and nicely served at the table. The staff is also professional and helpful to let you decide about the order. Authentic Bengali food served hygienically. Their boneless bhetki in mustard curry is absolutely divine. The quantity is limited so it’s just right for two people and if you are more, be liberal in order. Authentic Bengali preparation and the food is yum. During the Bengali festival Durga puja they provide a special menu card which is the must-try item.

Ilish, Mutton dak bungalow, Nolen Gur ice cream are a gourmet’s delight. Variety of items both veg & non-veg served delicately prepared through the best possible cooking. Starting from “Lau Chingri ” to “Postor Bora ”, all are included in their menu. Worth a visit and you will love it. Bhojohori Manna is a multiple outlet Bengali cuisine fine dining restaurant brand. Named after a character from a song from a popular Bengali movie, this restaurant has made its mark in making traditional Bengali fare a sought-after option. Location – Second-floor Hotel, Golden moments, 143, Hill Cart Road Siliguri, West Bengal.

10.New York city cafe

It’s a great place to hang out with friends. Away from the hassles of the city. The coffee is great. And they also serve a variety of sweets, cakes and pastries. And the price is almost half of what we pay elsewhere. Great place to taste a warm cup of hot chocolate and homemade cakes and muffins. Very beautiful ambiance. You can visit this place while shopping and exploring other areas to just relax your mind and chill over here.

Though the place is small, it has great service and is comfortable. They also serve the customized cakes for weddings and special occasions. You also get the best offers on the occasion. You can also try some mouthwatering snacks and special cheese balls. The only place in all of Siliguri where you can get quality American-style baked goods. The coffee is so good, Starbucks is terrible compared to this place, and cute cafe art. This place is really cozy & ideal for hangouts with friends.

The sweets are definitely done with love and care. Proper maintenance of covid19 precision. You will get the most satisfying place to have variations of foods here, explore them with your friends, families and special ones. You can also enjoy the view of the naturalist and friendly atmosphere. Location – 041, khaprail bazar, West Bengal ,Siliguri.

Some famous foods

Siliguri is a place mixed with a variety of cultures and places. Tourists can have foods like Chinese, Bengali, Mughal and South Indian. There are many sweet shops around the city. There are some special menus commonly eaten by the people of the city. Some Indian foods like potoler Dorma, Bhapa ilish, chingri macher malaikari, etc.. are some of the non-vegetarian menu and paneer, pumpkin bhujia, momos, info Chinese dishes, etc.. are some of the vegetarian menu. You should taste some of the best menus over there.

Beverages in Siliguri

As we all know, this place is very famous for its tea plantations. Darjeeling and north-east Indian tea served in clay pots or the bharer cha is the ideal beverage to consume in Siliguri especially during the monsoons and winter you can feel the actual flavor of the tea. Even the change or locally brewed millet beer served in bamboo glass is second only to tea in terms of popularity and is a must-try for tourists to Siliguri and to the hills.

Some of the famous starters in Siliguri

There are some of the starters which are also called tele bhaja in Bengali. There are some restaurants mentioned below that serve amazing starters like chicken pakora, chow mein, momos, soup, tea, coffee, chop, samosa. There are some of the places which also serve some south Indian dishes like dosa, idly, sambar, badha, uttapam, etc. They serve them with their famous coconut chutney. The foods are really very hygienic and serve very well. Try out.

Snacks in Siliguri

Snacks in Siliguri have a much amazing variety of street food which are mostly Chinese like mono, chowmein, noodles with sliced chicken and vegetables tossed with chilli sauce, thukpa noodle soup, etc. which is also famous in Siliguri, the Nepali community, chicken fried rice, chilli chicken etc. However, cuisines like Mughlai which include potatoes stuffed with minced meat and deep-fried bhatura are also available. The chowmein is also served in a variety of American, Indian, Chinese style. Street snacks also include plenty of vegetarian dishes including Mumbai chaat and South Indian specials. Bengali delicacies include jhal muri, puffed rice mixed with spicy bhujia, onion and mustard oil, ghugni made with dried yellow peas or black gram curry, shingara or the North Indian samosa with a cauliflower stuffing and puchkas or a Bengali variety of pani puri.

Some famous desserts in Siliguri

After having your meal you sometimes crave some sweets, desserts, ice cream, etc. Here are some of the famous desserts in Siliguri:-

1.Mohan Bhog

It is one of the favourite sweets of tradition in Bengal. It is a semolina based sweet dish.

2.Lobongo Latika

This sweet is famous for any occasion. It is made with many ingredients like maida, kheer, ghee, etc. The striking feature is how the pastry is well folded and sealed with a clove.


It is a soft spongy round ball soaked in a sugar syrup. It is also the traditional sweet of West Bengal.

4.Malai Chom Chom

A beautiful golden brown Misti , some kheer in the between made with cheena.

5.Nolen Gurer Payesh

It is one of the famous payesh for Bengalis. It is made with milk, rice, sugar, jaggery and some dry fruits. It is a winter delicacy.


This is a fried sweet ball soaked in sugar syrup. It is harder outside but softer inside. It is a traditional sweet for bongs.

7.Pati Shapta

It is prepared with coconut, gur, jaggery, and a thin crepe made of maida, rice flour, and sooji. The famous dish for Bengali’s.

8.Raj Bhog

This is stuffed with dry fruits and it is just rasgulla. It has super spongy soft balls and it is yellow in colour.

9.Khirer chop

Kheer stuffed chop lightly tossed in sugar syrup is a wonderful way to make any occasion special. Flour, sooji, nutmeg, milk, sugar and bread combine into a mishti that is truly out of this world.

10.Mishti Doi

This light and sweet blend of milk, yogurt and coarse brown sugar, left to ferment overnight, marks all celebrations and auspicious occasions. Very tasty and amazing.

These are a few sweets among Siliguri. Many more sweets are there. You will also get different flavors and different types of ice creams. You will also get the famous kulfi made of milk and kheer which is very refreshing and mouthwatering. If you are in Siliguri then you must try them.


Here are some of the details mentioned in the above article. You need to have some precious time to spend with your soul mates so you need good places with a proper environment and proper foods. Take a look over the details provided in the following above. These are some restaurants that serve many authentic dishes and fresh food you have never tried before so hurry up and enjoy your day.

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