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Cups of Art: A cafe inside an art gallery


A Cup? with an Art? Are we talking about the Teacup? Okay! we get that, right? Maybe they are talking about some art in the coffee or teacup? What are they actually trying to say or express? There are plenty of questions that come across our minds, right? Let’s get these questions solved!

“Cups Of Art” a name with such an art defines how creative the place itself would be! What comes to your mind after you first hear “Cups Of Art”?Well… when I heard “Cups Of Art”; the first thing that crosses my mind is an artist passionate about his work, sprinkling magic over cups and making them beautiful and conspicuous. Well! All of this is sounding imaginary, let’s get to the real part.

The “Cups Of Art” is a cafe located in Siliguri that serves magical cups that triggers your tastebud. These “Magical Cups” is referred to the beverages they serve in this cafe. The “Artist” mentioned above is referred to as the Chef in the cafe, the “Sprinkling Of Magic Over The Cups” is referred to the beautifully adorned food that they serve.

Foods and beverages

May it be a cup of tea or coffee or maybe some mouth-watering dishes that you ordered they never miss a boat to show off their creativity. They serve beautifully garnished food. They decorated the plates before serving the food. Their presentation of food is really impressive; Each and every order they present are neatly and beautifully made.

In fact, they even keep a regular check on their food quality. The “Cups Of Art” cafe does not like compromising the quality of their food. However, the “Cups Of Art” cafe postulates that “the quality of the food should not be affected by the quantity of food“, so they do not compromise in maintaining their food quality no matter the quantity.



Cappuccino, Mochaccino, Americano, cafe latte, espresso, French press coffee.


veg pakora, onion pakora, Cottage Cheese pakora, Potato Wedges, potato tornado, Mexican potato cheese fry, Chicken pakora, Cottage cheese veggie stick.


cheese omelet, normal masala omelet,  double Spanish omelet, sunny side up/down.

health and fitness

sprouts, green tea, immunity booster tea, green salad, fruit salad, ginger honey lemon tea.


veg loaded Maggi, egg Maggi,cottage cheese maggi.

Cold beverages

ice coffee, cold coffee, milkshake, cafe affogatos, cold brew, iced tea, cafe frappe.


veg loaded sandwich, cottage cheese sandwich, egg sandwich, etc.

Black Tea

Darjeeling tea,  green tea, ginger lemon tea, vintage, teapot, and many more.

Milk tea

Darjeeling milk tea, turmeric milk, four spice masala, teacinno, chocolate milk tea.


margarita, cottage cheese, chicken pizza, egg pizza, fruit pizza.


mix veg soup, clear soup, tomato soup.

Last but not least their specials include a dish called “Birds Nest”.


Here, we come to the interesting part! Their main concept is “Creativity” they bring out the contrivance in them and unveil the treasure of Art. The “Cups Of Art” presents a different type of art as we enter the cafe. The different types of art and craft that they crafted, painted, created, or designed by passionate and consecrated artists. The meticulously painted canvases are hung on the wall inside the cafe. In fact, they even have various books to read too for those who love to read, we can even say that it is a great place for one’s refreshment, or maybe for spending quality time, or spending me-time and even when trying to relax after a busy day.

It provides the perfect ambiance and environment required for relaxation and refreshment. The food they serve is absolutely flavorful, luscious, and appetizing. If you really wanna visit any place that stands out of the crowd then you might be looking for “Cups of art”. If you hate crowded places and love spending time in a quiet place, then maybe this is the perfect place for you to hang out.

Other Informations include:

They provide free wifi for the customers and they also accept all payment methods like Net banking, UPI, Cash, etc. “Cups of art” do not have a smoking zone hence they do not allow smoking inside the cafe not only smoking, even drinking alcohol are prohibited inside the cafe.

A cup of Art : review.

“Cups of art” is pretty much like an art studio and a cafe combined. No doubt it is a brilliant idea to encourage the youth and bring out the artist in them. Nowadays, artists are in high demand but people are busy making money rather than following what they actually want to do. As we enter the cafe we can see a variety of art forms and even guitars for music lovers and books for those who love to read books. Apart from these, they have a beautiful and elegant interior design which makes the place more blissful.

They follow the hospitality protocols that make it way easier for the customers to express their needs and complaints. As said earlier they have a really good taste in art and interior, they even have the finest chef with his finest dishes ready to serve your expectations. Not only hospitality they even maintain hygiene and covid 19 protocol to serve their customers with safety and hygienic experiences with proper sanitization and cleaning. Such a brilliant cafe in such a small town is hard to find but lucky enough Siliguri has one.

An interesting fact about this cafe is the owner has asked the workers to keep a notepad on the table so that the visitors can draw or write anything they want to and they consider those writings and drawings as gifts. This is indeed one of the best ideas to bring out someone’s hidden talent. All types of artists will enjoy this place because of the ambiance they have. They even hold live events or shows where people can come and sing or play guitar and etc.


1. Ambiance :- 4/5 ******

A pretty good idea for interior decoration, like customized theme, and thoughtful graphics, selection of proper lighting so to make the cafe look more gorgeous, a positive atmosphere, allotted parking areas.

2. Staff behaviour :- 4/5 *****

Truly cooperative staff, soft and polite. they provide fast and proper service, they make you feel at home such a warm welcome and generous approach from them makes you feel safe and comfortable around them.

3. Food quality :-  4.8/5 *****

They are great with foods no compromising in the quality of the food, the special menu includes- coffees, teas, snacks, desserts, etc. they have special dishes on special occasions that are enlisted there.

4. Hygiene:- 4/5 *****

They follow covid 19 and hygiene protocall proper sanitation is done and they also keep the cafe clean to give the customers a hygenic enviroment, sanitation is done on a regular basis, safety maintenance of the customers and staff, foods are cooked hygienic and boiled the utensils with hot water properly.

5. Overall :- 8/10 *********

A comfortable and budget-friendly place to hang out with friends, families, or maybe me time. Perfect atmosphere for people who hate crowd, the believe that “the quality of the food should not be affected by the quantity of food” so the food is safe, healthy and tasty.


The “Cups of Art” Studio cafe, Bipin Paul Sarani, College para, Hakim para Siliguri, West Bengal.


In the end, I would like to conclude about “Cups of Art” and the tremendous growth of the cafe industry. In this new generation, the pace of life is going really fast and most of the people tend to find some peaceful place to refresh their minds after their long day of work. Thus, the Cafe industry became one of the fastest-growing industries due to high public demand. Previously the cafes used to provide limited dishes in their menu like coffee and a few light snacks but nowadays they have added a huge variety of beverages and snacks.

Along with such a newer and vast variety of menus, they also provide extra services like free wifi, magazines, newspaper, different smoking, and non-smoking zones, gaming zone, live music shows, books to read, and soo much more. The “Cups of Art” is a perfect example of such type of cafe they provide every possible thing that is for entertainment purpose and also has a different variety of snacks and beverages. they do not have a smoking zone but apart from that, they have a really artistic cafe. they hold live shows for those who love music and books for those who love reading note pad on the table for people who like drawing, sketching, or maybe doodling and they do not even throw their drawings the cafe keeps it as a gift from the customers.


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