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Ecopulse: A Tree Top Adventure Camp

The craze about ecotourism is growing in our country as well. People are loving the concept of eco-tourism as well as offbeat places which are not commercialized much. Places where one can visit and experience raw nature. One such place is Ecopulse: a place where one can stay on the top of trees inside a tent. This place is heaven for birdwatching. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this camp in Darjeeling before visiting.

Where is Ecopulse Located?

Ecopulse is a beautiful camp in Darjeeling area which is located in a small village called Bhotay Busty inside Sepoydhura Tea Garden in Kurseong. Every traveler visiting North Bengal knows the name of Kurseong as it is one of the most beautiful places to visit in this region. Ecopulse is around 8 Km away from Kurseong city en route to Darjeeling.

How to reach Ecopulse?

Reaching ecopulse is a very easy task if you are well aware of its location and the route of taxis as this camp is located in the route of Darjeeling. However we traveled as backpackers in shared taxis but in this article, you will also learn about other options to reach there.

ecopulse route with fog

This place is easily accessible from Siliguri and there are three options available :

#1] Private Taxi :

If you are someone who likes to travel comfortably then this option is for you. There are numerous private taxis that you can hire from Siliguri itself. You can book a taxi to Tung which is the last point where you can travel in a vehicle if you are going towards ecopulse.

Private taxis might cost around 2500-3500 INR depending upon the season, availability and other factors.

#2] NBSTC Bus :

The government-owned NBSTC or North Bengal State Transport Corporation runs buses at frequent intervals on this route from Siliguri. NBSTC buses are the cheapest mode available. If you are planning to take a bus, you can board one from the Tenzing Norgay bus stand, which is next to Siliguri Jn.

Once you are inside the bus stand; head toward the booking counter and reserve a seat for yourself on the next bus going towards Darjeeling. The ticket costs INR 103 for Darjeeling from Siliguri.

#3] Shared Taxi :

This is the option we chose and we love the most. There are two reasons behind selecting this mode :

  1. Shared taxis are cheaper than private taxis
  2. These taxis are faster than NBSTC buses
  3. Traveling on a bus in the hilly areas isn’t very comfortable

You can book a shared taxi from the syndicate. The syndicate is located close to Siliguri Junction just after you cross the legendary Mahananda Bridge on hill cart road if you are coming from NJP. The shared taxis cost INR 200 per person. This fare is till Darjeeling, ask the driver to drop you at Tung at the entrance of Sepoydhura Tea Garden.

Keep your eyes open and stay alert, don’t pay anything more than INR 200 per person on shared taxis.

Start of The Trek

Your taxi/bus will drop you at the entrance of Sepoydhura Tea Garden. Even if you are coming in your private vehicle this is the place where you have to leave your car. Paid parking is available there, you can leave your vehicle here.

view from ecopulse route

Prepare yourself for the trek ahead for reaching one of the most beautiful camp in Darjeeling, take plenty of water with you and start walking. The trek is very scenic and clouds will join you on your way. There are rest stops at frequent intervals. Remember to take a break as soon as you start feeling tired, and don’t forget to click some pictures en route. You will pass through the beautiful tea garden and the amazing Bhootay Busty village with locals greeting you with smiles.

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The Stay & Food

You will be staying in comfortable tents which are set on trees. A beautiful stair made up of wood will lead you to your home for the trip. These tree houses are equipped with a charging socket and a bulb so you don’t have to worry. We booked our stay online through Izifiso , three meals were included in our stay. You can check the website for pricing and other details. There are two clean common washrooms available at the campsite and the water comes directly from a natural source.

We opted for a non-veg meal option. The staff served us delicious chicken thali. You can order other dishes from the menu as well depending on the availability. Once the lunch is done you can walk around the camp or relax in your tent if you are feeling tired. Remember it’s a two-way journey so reviving your body is very important.

There’s a picturesque bamboo bridge at the entrance of the campsite above a small waterfall. You can walk down to that place and click some pictures. The bridge is worth capturing. You will observe the place turning black & white with the incoming fog which is very frequent in Kurseong.

black and white fog at ecopulse

Although the food included with your stay is enough you can ask the staff to arrange a barbeque for you which will be charged additionally but worth experiencing. They will surprise you with delicious chicken as soon as the sun sets.

Enjoy your chicken sitting at the bonfire. This will be one of the most amazing moments for you at the camp.

Once you are done with the barbeque and the bonfire you can ask them to serve your dinner. Your food will be served at a common dining area which is a few steps away from the tents.

You can join the jamming session after having your dinner or head back towards your tent for a nice comfortable sleep.

Things to Remember before visiting this Camp of Darjeeling region

  1. Ecopulse is situated in a very clean village, you can try maintaining the same as a responsible citizen and traveler. Try taking your trash back with you or use the dustbins available
  2. The area is very peaceful. We would suggest you take a break from your gadgets and enjoy the surrounding
  3. Take essential medicines with you.
  4. Don’t forget to pack warm and vibrant clothes with you as it gets cold after the sunset.
  5. Stay careful while walking as you might slip, fall or twist your ankle
  6. Don’t play loud music, you can focus on feeling the calmness of nature here.
  7. Respect fellow campers, the staff and the local people
  8. Take a part of the camp with you in the form of memories and leave a part of you in the camp in every positive possible way you can.

The Return Journey from this Camp in Darjeeling

If you are not doing additional activities then staying one night at the campsite will be enough for you. The very next day you can start your journey back after having your breakfast. The return journey might be more tiring as you have to trek uphills on the same route. Don’t forget to take some water with you from the camp only.

The walk back will take somewhere around 1:30 – 2:00 Hours depending on your speed. Try to leave a bit early as walking when the sun is above your head is difficult.

bamboo bridge at ecopulse

Once you reach the parking spot, you can take your vehicle and start your onward journey as planned. Budget travelers can take a shared taxi or a bus based on their plan. Darjeeling is around 1-hour drive from here and you will find a vehicle easily. If you are coming back to Siliguri then you can take a vehicle from this place as well.

You can take a direct shared taxi/bus to Siliguri or any vehicle going to Kurseong. The journey to Kurseong will cost you INR 20 per person in a shared vehicle.

Reaching Siliguri from Kurseong is quite easy. The shared taxis are available from the taxi stand which is situated next to Kurseong railway station. The ticket price for this journey will be INR 150 per person and the travel time is around 1:30 hours.

Final Words

Ecopulse is one of the most beautiful and unexplored camp in the Darjeeling region which is gaining popularity among travelers. Starting from the food to the stay and the behavior of the staff everything is so pleasing here. If you are someone who likes luxury stays then you would be a little upset but the place is worth experiencing.

Keep in mind that you have to respect everything made by nature when you are in its territory. We don’t recommend it for old age and sick people but the place is heaven for those who love adventure and nature.


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