Top 5 places to have Biryani in Siliguri


Biryani is an Indian dish featuring long grain rice and different types of spices. It is layered with lamb, chicken, fish, egg, vegetables and gravy. Biryani is an evergreen classic that really needs no introduction. Biryani is a famous dish loved by most people. The delicious aroma, taste, and garnish make you feel full as you smell and feel the flavors. It is one of the most favorite dishes of Indians. There are many varieties of biryani named based on their region of origin.  Here are some of the most popular places in Siliguri to have some amazing biryani.

Top places to have Biryani in Siliguri

1. Badshah biryani hut

Tasty and prepared with automatic quality items. Cordial behavior of staff. The biryani is just awesome and kebabs are good too. It is just at the opposite road of Kanchenjunga stadium gate which is the entrance gate of the stadium for any kind of fair. It is a  good place for hanging out with friends and family members. The ambiance is simple and good with proper decorations. The food is quite good. They have many varieties on their menu. They serve Indian, Chinese and all sorts of food people like to eat. Biryani lovers can come and taste the biryani here. Try it along with their malai reshmi kebabs. This place serves fresh food by maintaining proper hygiene and following the protocol of covid19 safety measures. They also look after the customers’ satisfaction very much.

2. Kolkata Arsalan Biryani

The total value of money. One can have the best biriyani at a minimum price. Other dishes are also good. The place looks kinda shady but totally clean. You can have pocket-friendly food here. The best dish here is the chicken biryani which they serve with raita and big chunks of chicken. You can not eat a full plate of biryani alone. The taste is up to the marks. They will offer you some cold drinks and juices with the food. Also, the ambiance is super cool. The place is decorated and maintained in the proper way that people fall in love with the simplicity of this place. The staff and manager have amazing, very friendly behavior. They also follow the guidelines of covid 19 with proper safety measures and also sanitize the tables and utensils properly. The Kolkata Alishan biryani is one of the favorite places for the people of Siliguri. They also deliver their food through zomato and swiggy. Very fast delivery is available. Also, they have takeaway facilities. One can easily order their food and enjoy their meal fully. Location- 9, station feeder road, ward 9, Mahananda para, Siliguri.

3. Bedween

Good quality and quantity of biryani and other fast food items with reasonable prices are available here. Proper cleanliness is maintained in the entire restaurant. One of the city’s favorite places for any chicken dish, This place is very famous for biryani and kebab and other items people can go and have a nice lunch and dinner. Biryani is also superb. The atmosphere of the restaurant is good. The place is very pocket-friendly, and the staff is polite and listens to everything that you require. Small place right in Bidhan Market, serves limited but delicious food. One will not only have his stomach full but also his heart content. Do keep in mind that the quality will differ depending upon the crowd in the restaurant. If you are a biryani & roll lover visiting Siliguri then you should visit this restaurant. You can spend some precious time with your friends and families here. Location- Stall no. At 3  behind the auto stand, ward 11, Hakim para Bidhan market, Siliguri.

4. Zaika Biryani

This place is just opposite Golden plaza which is a prominent location in Siliguri. Just drop down to the restaurant for a mouth-watering biryani item, the most loved one is a chicken egg roll. The restaurant has comfortable seats, hand wash and the best part is the toilet attached. They have a physical establishment, and for years they have been serving delicious biryani. Amongst the most selling Kolkata biryani in Siliguri. A place of heaven for biryani lovers. They serve so tasty, yummy, delicious and hot biryani (both chicken and mutton) that would make you fall in love with this place. Aroma and essence are perfectly balanced. Not only biryani, but this place is also well known for its chicken and mutton roll many other items are also present in their menu. The only problem is that there is no parking spot for four-wheelers. The location is easy to access. Do visit here to fulfill your cravings. Location- ward no.6, Burdwan rd, Ward 6, Mahananda para, Siliguri.

5. Zauq siliguri

You will love the place, warm homely ambiance and hand-picked decors. Definitely try their  Reshmi Kebabs. Drop-in for authentic Biryani and Mughlai cuisine. Hospitality is amazing. They serve one of the best biryani in Siliguri.  Zauq is simply an awesome and food lover’s paradise. Request all real Biryani lovers and kebab lovers to visit Zauq. They are cut above the rest and simply outstanding. The Phirni which they serve is the best which you can ever have. The owner is super nice! It’s a nice cozy place in the middle of the city. The ambiance is very calm and soothing and everyone is so friendly here it feels more like home. Its interiors will remind you of Jodhpur. Must try. Location- 16, Bidhan rd, ward 11, Hakim Para, Siliguri.


The biryani is a love for each and every person.  Biryani was traditionally introduced by Muslim culture. Siliguri is a small city but with various and lots of extraordinary things in it. You need to have some precious time to spend with your soul mates so you need good places with a proper environment and proper food. These are the places where you can also make your bond stronger by spending quality time with your partner. Perfect place for perfect people. 

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