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Backyard Bistro


The backyard bistro is a very offbeat café/restaurant where one can spend some of their quality of time spent with friends, families, and groups. The backyard bistro serves lots of cuisines and serves delicious veg and non-veg foods. Here this place has some hidden gems where you can take your partner to create some memories and make your bond stronger than visiting those places in Siliguri and make your love feel more good and comfortable with nature and the beautiful ambiance.

Because Siliguri is also famous for the ” Royal hangout places ” you must visit and enjoy your moments with your partner. It is the place for refreshment where you can get relaxed, spend a couple of times, etc. It is a place where many people visit from youngsters to old age people. People come here to sit and enjoy coffee by reading newspapers, books, playing board games, studying, and chatting.

You will get the most satisfying place to have variations of foods here, explore them with your friends, families, and special ones. You can also enjoy the view of the naturalist and friendly atmosphere. Food is a part of life, and taste is an emotion .” Yummy Yummy in my tummy”. You can find some street foods, restaurant foods, and many more. Do visit here.. few more details are given below:-

Beverages in Siliguri

It is said that Siliguri is the 2nd largest place in West Bengal. One of the unique beverages with lots of customized things and satisfying the customers by its food and theme. The backyard bistro has a small beverage that people should know about this entire place. You can visit here to have some memorable time and enjoy every moment you spend here. 

In our personal opinion, this place can be one of the top places to hang out and visitors will fall in love with this place. The backyard bistro is a perfect motivational place for today’s generation to do some unique things in their city and bring hands forward to develop the place. 

To begin with the ambience, this place just adds everything necessary to one’s imagination of a “bistro.” Amicable hospitality is something to be mentioned. Among my endless visits to the café during my stay at Siliguri, there was not a single time that I did not enjoy the place, be it in the early hours of the afternoon or the busy evening hours.

Backyards Bistro:- Review

To say about the food, you must try the hot chocolate, the exclusively available tea blends consisting of rose green tea, chamomile tea, blue tea, and so on! The availability of a wide range of intercontinental to typical desi foods amazed me the most. Also, this café is pet-friendly and provides parking space too!

If you are willing to try and visit a befitting café to satisfy your soul, having an amalgamation of both national yet distinctive to international and sophisticated, right amidst the heart of Siliguri, then before having second thoughts just head to this place, you won’t regret it. 

The place is always packed and what an awesome ambiance. If you own a car there is a separate car parking so you do not need to worry. The place is mostly open, so smokers are not a problem. The ordering is hands-free. You come in and scan the QR code, place your order from their web menu and a waiter will come and confirm it with you.

Although the service is late and no one blames them cause the food they serve is freshly made, even the burger patty they make themselves and it’s not bought. The most divine is the potato crisp. 

They are food for sore taste buds. Needless to say, the chilled-out atmosphere with like-minded people has become a go-to place in Siliguri. Officially started on 22nd March, but due to the pandemic, the bistro opened its doors to the public on 8th June.

Ever since the café has gained mass popularity among the youngsters. Sometimes, there is a tedious bit of waiting for the food, but that’s complemented by the fresh delicacies they serve. The heat from the spice and the coolness from the mayonnaise is just the right combination.

The food is not cheap but also not exorbitant. Lovely concept. And a very intelligent idea to utilize the backyard of one’s house. The place is pretty and has an extensive menu. Perfect place to hang out with friends. Should add some more healthy menus for diet-conscious people. Otherwise, you will love the food, the place, and the hospitality. A brilliant place in a friendly neighborhood. Built on private property with a very comfortable setup.

Minimal decors and open space to enjoy a small date or a family dinner or even a get-together of friends. Very nominal menu with some really good food. The potato skewers, chili momos, waffles, and masala chai are some of the best foods here. Very kind and friendly owner as well…always greets me with a smile. The service might seem to be a little slow at rush hours but that’s manageable.

Simple, yet superbly elegant. Colored in bright white with yellow lights, even the jasmine trees are color matched. Hence top-notch ambiance. Regarding the food, it is quite a delight as well. Service is fast enough. Food platters are well portioned and taste professionally cooked. Drinks are the same as well.

A bistro is a Parisian-style café, in which the menu keeps changing, given the fact that the windows are made like those cute little restaurants in France, along with some French cuisines and an altering menu. The place very well suits its name given the fact that it’s situated in the owner’s Backyard, thus, the name “Backyard Bistro”. Needless to say, the chilled-out atmosphere with like-minded people has become a go-to place in Siliguri. 

Officially started on 22nd March, but due to the pandemic, the bistro opened its doors to the public on 8th June. Ever since the café has gained mass popularity among the youngsters. Sometimes, there is a tedious bit of waiting for the food, but that’s complemented by the fresh delicacies they serve. Although it’s an open area, there’s a designated smoking and non-smoking zone, so that your non-smoker friends find it a comfortable place to hang out. 

Technologically, this place is advanced with a digitalized menu. It has an option of placing the orders through the QR code, and like any other café, it also offers free Wi-Fi for your work purposes. It has a nook for some cool games like chess, Ludo, UNO, etc., and a corner for books, where you can not only read but by the books if you want to. It is one of Siliguri’s first pet-friendly cafés. 

The place is well sanitized, and all the Covid 19 protocols are maintained. Hop in, for some quiet time to work during the morning hours, to get rid of the boredom of working from your home, or maybe just sipping a cup of coffee and occasional sites of falling guava from the tree beside you, with faint jazz music playing in the background. Come here, to bond with nature and good food.

A long passage in an old Bondi House will take you to a bistro in the backyard. This stunning property is a wonderland for youngsters and the oomph will keep you glued. Simplistic décor but casual arrangements will make you feel comfortable. 

It has one of the best sanitization processes in practice in town. From morning till night it serves amazing food which suits the taste and mood of city dwellers which is quite evident from the crowd. It’s such a delight to see different groups of people busy in their chit-chat, laughter, friendly banter, etc. Besides these, they also offered 5 varieties of beverages that include:

  • Mocha Tandakccino
  • Hot Chocolate
  •  Hazelnut Cappuccino
  •  French Vanilla Cappuccino
  • Hot Mocha.

All of these were equally satisfying and the perfect ones to delve into, this winter. The rich chocolaty, creamy and hot beverage options are truly a delight in this festive season. From the menu to the bills everything is contactless, one can scan the code on the table and have the menu. Payment options online and in cash are accepted here. The place is located at a distance of 1 km from Khela-Ghor

If you are going for the first time,

(1) keep google maps handy because it will be difficult to locate.

(2) The ambiance is very good.

(3) The place generally stays very crowded on the weekends or Holidays.

(4) The food is on the expensive side. The quality of the food is good.

(5) The place is good for hanging out with friends.

(6) One thing positive about this place is the location. 

It is located directly in the middle of the city and you don’t need to venture to the outskirts for hanging out with friends as is the general case with other bars/restaurants. When you enter this place, you get these automatically energetic vibes, the music is so loud and soothing, that all you want to do is, live in the present and go with the flow. 

The interior is also so vibrant and vigorous, that will amaze you. The atmosphere gave a resemblance to the name. So stop worrying about the future and live the present. Soothing and warm light ambiance. A duplex restaurant with great ambiance. There are two separate zones- non-smoking and smoking but the only door connecting both zones remains open always for passerby and restaurant staff so whatever your preference are always in the smoking zone. 

They give priority to the customers like a family member. It is one of the best places to visit with your friends and family. You can take a short break in your shopping time and visit to have a cup of coffee here you will enjoy it like anything. It serves many drinks like beers, alcohol, cold drinks, etc. You can enjoy their special pan-fried momos and steam momos which are very mouthwatering.

They also serve mixed fried rice with chili chicken which is one of the special items on their menu. They have a great view of the Mountain sight. that you can see from here. The food was delicious, just high on calories if you’re concerned about that.

The wait staff was extremely friendly, gave great recommendations, and had plenty of funny and informative tidbits to say about the area. Most Weekends DJ plays the music and is a customer likely to get cover/entry charges depending upon the event. 

You can also celebrate your special day by booking their best corner and enjoying the events. It serves many drinks like beers, alcohol, cold drinks, etc. If you are looking for a comfortable place to eat with great views, entertainment, plenty of options, and without the high cost of the flaming restaurants, then this is the place to go. They also arrange small special things for birthdays, and those performances are very nice.

 This restaurant in the middle of the market has a great view one would fall in addiction with. The food here is so good. The menu offers a wide variety of mouth-watering starters, main course, desserts as well as cocktails and mocktails. There’s a live Jalebi-making counter. The management has given a serious thought about the decoration of this place to give a real 5-star restaurant look. From a price point of view, this restaurant will not burn a hole in your pocket while having a great time with friends and family.

 It is a family restaurant so you could go there with your family as well. Also, it is a perfect place to hang out with your friends. In case you wish to get extra privacy with your beloved they have a separate space for you too. They have a whole range of cocktails and mocktails and they are very tasty. The quality and quantity served both are good at the price point offered. 

At 40% off from swiggy, this place is one of the best as per quality and price to the worth ratio for combo meals. It has a well-stocked bar and a good kitchen with a great chef. An evening spent here is well worth it. One of the best restaurants to hang out with close people and to avoid the crowd. The variety of food on their menu, the flavor, and the quantity will be up to your expectations. Hurry up and have fun.

Location- 20, Birendra Krishna Bhadra Sarani, near CBI office, College Para, Hakim Para, Siliguri.

1. Cheesy Masala Twisters :

If spicy, cheesy, and crunchy is what you look for in your starter, the Cheesy Masala Twisters is the right one for you. These flavorful masaledaar deep-fried twisters are truly a perfect treat to lift your mood.

2. Chicken Chilli Momo : 

Ever thought of getting the taste of chili chicken in momos?? At Backyard Bistro, you can find exactly what you’ve thought of. Their Chicken Chili Momos consists of pan-fried momos having a chicken filling tossed in chili sauce. The perfect combo of chili chicken along with momos makes this dish an all-time hit…So, it’s a must-try for all the foodies out there.

3. Bangers and Mash in Black Pepper Sauce : 

4. BBQ Chicken Steak : 

If you are a lover of Chicken Steak, the Backyard Bistro- a special BBQ Chicken Steak is surely going to occupy a special place in your hearts. The chicken is fresh, moist, and cooked to perfection. It is perfectly flavored and served along with sautéed veggies and mashed potato. All these elements perfectly accentuate your taste buds when combined and give it an intense and rich flavor. Thus, the BBQ Chicken Steak is undoubtedly one of the best picks out of the plethora of options available at Backyard Bistro.

5. Chicken Peri Peri Shashlik Sizzler 

 It is an amazing appetizer offered by Backyard Bistro. It consists of perfectly cooked chicken that is perfectly cooked and juicy from inside as well as sizzling from outside. The perfect combination of peri sauce flavor, smokey chicken, and spices gives this dish a breathtaking taste. It’s served with herb rice and french fries. So, if you are planning to visit Backyard Bistro, don’t forget to try it out.

6. Aglio E Olio Pasta :

 At Backyard Bistro, you also get the authentic Aglio E Olio Pasta that houses a culmination of flavors in it. It is prepared by sautéing garlic in olive oil that gives it a nice aroma and taste. Besides, it is garnished with fresh olives, making it one of the most eye-soothing dishes. The flavorful, less oily, yet completely satisfying Aglio E Olio Pasta is surely gonna be your on-the-go pick while chilling with your friends & family.


This restaurant/cafe is located at 20, Birendra Krishna Bhadra Sarani, near the CBI office, College Para, Hakim Para, Siliguri.


1. Ambiance:-  4/5*****

Mainly the ambiance is heart-touching. Food decoration can be better for some specific snacks. Overall a great café. Perfect place for youngsters. Must visit.

2. Staff behavior:- 4/5*****

Stuff behavior is very polite and well behaved. They are very friendly and they also take care of the customers’ satisfaction.

3. Food quality:- 4.8/5*****

The quality and the quantity of the food are up to the mark. Very fresh and hygienic. Melted foods.

4. Hygiene:- 4/5*****

The food and restaurant are maintained in a proper hygienic manner. The restaurant is properly clean and sanitized. The containers of the foods they serve are properly cleaned.

5. Overall :- 8/10**********

Awesome place with great ambiance and excellent behavior of the staff… Food was delicious and very beautifully served… Apart from the great food, the place is nicely decorated with well-designed furniture, pebbles, and excellent lighting… Parking is also available.

 Lovely concept… And a very intelligent idea to utilize the backyard of one’s house. The place is pretty and has an extensive menu. Perfect place to hang out with friends. Should add some more healthy menus for diet-conscious people. Otherwise, you will love the food, the place, and the hospitality. 


Here are some of the details mentioned in the above article.  You need to have some precious time to spend with your soul mates so you need good places with a proper environment and proper food. Take a look over the details provided in the following above. 

These are some restaurants that serve many authentic dishes and fresh food you have never tried before so hurry up and enjoy your day. If food is good then your mood and health are good. Go through the details we provided you.

 Take your love, friends, family and also book your special days in those places and surprise him/her to make your bond stronger and celebrate your special day there. I can surely say that you will fall in love with the simplicity of that place and have great fun. Hurry up and enjoy.


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