Silk Route Sikkim


Heavenly place, one can visit in all seasons except monsoon. The Silk Route in Sikkim is a part of the ancient trade route which started from all the way to Lhasa to the port of Tamluk in West Bengal while crossing the Chumbi Valley and Nathula Pass in North Sikkim. One of the best parts of a road trip in East Sikkim. The zigzag way of the silk route.  The view is mesmerizing. The winding roads of Zuluk. It was once a transit point to the historic Silk Route from Tibet to India. The road through Zuluk makes almost 32 hairpin turns to reach Lungthung, which makes it a unique engineering feat. Here you will be detailed with more wonderful silk routes and the details of the place mentioned below:-

Silk route Sikkim

This place is full of pine trees before you reach zuluk. From zuluk you will be able to see the snow and slowly the snow increases as you move higher in altitude. Sikkim is a wonderful place in India. See the clean Himalayas in Sikkim.  Here nature & climate is amazing. Best place for a tour. Very peaceful place. Many tourists are coming here. Sikkim is a totally different place from the Himalayas.  Here Kanchenjunga is the most famous place for visitors. Sikkim is a very cold place. Here the road is very dangerous & steep. Lovely place to visit. Most adventurous is the Indian Silk Route  Sikkim.

Sikkim is awesome with beautiful nature. As it began to connect Tibet and India, other obscure cities soon became part of it, eventually making it the largest long-distance network of trading. In the name of productive trade of material goods, people started swapping art and intellectual thoughts. A must-go for all. Apart from its mesmerizing scenic beauty, it has a great history associated with Indian culture. One of the best places you will ever visit. The old silk route is famous for its serpent-shaped road which you can see leading down the hills…This was the road that was used by traders to enter China in old times. Now the Silk Route is an offbeat journey through the little-known village of East Sikkim. This less-traveled road leads you to the most picturesque village tucked far away from the mundane city line, surrounded by dense temperate forest and overlooking the mind-boggling view of the Kanchenjunga range. Hiking through the dense and submerging yourself in the beauty of this historic Silk Route can be an experience of a lifetime. You will see the beauty of Nature.

Top sights to visit in Sikkim Silk Route

Tsomgo chho

Very nice place. People from all over India come over here to see this lake. A high-altitude lake. Must visit places. Must visit the ropeway here which costs near about 360 INR. You can enjoy an aerial view of Changu lake. The ice-capped mountains give the lake a soothing touch. When you are driving down from Nathula Pass to Tsomgo Lake, there is a perfect spot where you can take a perfect picture of the lake. Yak rides are available at the lake. It falls in a restricted area and hence an inner line permit is required by tourist special permit to visit this Lake is about 1km long, Lake is oval shape. Holy lake in the upper Himalayas of Sikkim is a must-visit for Gangtok travelers. Yak rides are available at a cheap cost. Snowfall can be witnessed if luck favors and huge army settlements can be found because of the nearby China border. Location- East Sikkim.


One of the Highest snowfall places in Sikkim. It’s too cold and one can see a frozen lake during the winter season. Beautiful and breathtaking. Tricky road to go all the way up, be aware of motion sickness when traveling in a speedy car. People talk about hills in the north but these snow-capped mountains in the east have everything from snow, lakes, mountains, temples, beautiful lush green forests, and army camps. We were not allowed to click any photos while we climbed up to see the china border gate and the Indian gate. There was peace and our soldiers greeted us with a smile. The Chinese side was peaceful as well with both the country flags flying high. The snow was very deep and it was a difficult climb to the top but worth the view. The pass, at 4,310 m (14,140 ft) above mean sea level, has very low temperatures, so make sure you carry heavy woolens when you visit here. It is better to make the trip early in the day as the weather tends to worsen in the evening. Location- India (Sikkim)- China ( Tibet autonomous region).

Neora valley National park

An amazing place to visit for short day hikes through the forest trails or longer treks spanning over 3-5 days. For the complete experience, you should go for the multi-day treks through the forest. You need to get your permits from the forest department in Lava and then hire a local SUV to reach Chaudapheri Camp (starting point from where all the treks begin). It’s around 15 km from Lava.

This is home to many excellent animals like langurs, rhinos, bears, sloths, and thousands of birds. The area itself is quite huge for sure. There are many resorts and hotels available in this place. The sheer beauty and tranquility of nature will heal your soul. The whole atmosphere and the experience were unmatched. Lots of animals can be seen on the roadside. The most important part, the local people are very good; they always greet you with a beautiful smile. This is home to many excellent animals like langoors, rhinos, bears, sloths, and thousands of birds. The area itself is quite huge for sure. There are many resorts and hotels available in this place. The sheer beauty and tranquility of nature will heal your soul. The whole atmosphere and the experience were unmatched. Lots of animals can be seen on the roadside. The most important part, the local people are very good they always greet you with a beautiful smile. The highest point is Rachela Danda.

The forest in Neora Valley has such luxurious growth that even sunlight finds it difficult to touch the ground. Much of the park is still inaccessible, making it an adventurous place for nature lovers/trekkers who can take the challenge to explore the still-unknown terrain in the Kalimpong hills. Looked out of the world and heavenly. There are some waterfalls and a monastery. People are very kind and helpful. You can go and visit dense forest areas. If you are lucky you can see the Kanchenjunga range. Location- Bengal, Darjeeling, West Bengal.

Ganesh Tok

Ganesh Tok is a Ganesh temple at an uphill distance of 7 km from Gangtok.. a clean and peaceful place..it is located at an altitude of about 6,500 ft. you can see the best views of  Gangtok from this temple and get a bird’s eye view of the entire city. From there you will see very good views of mountains..must visit this beautiful place. very nice, peaceful Ganesh temple. Tourist attraction place it is.

The view is one of the best points to visit here. Such a beautiful view here. Visit this temple for a breathtaking view from above the temple. Nice place to visit. A Hindu temple with a touch of Tibetan art. The best time to visit Gangtok is during summer, preferably in May-June when the weather is pleasant and nice to get out. One interesting thing about this temple is that it has a photo of ‘Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati’ inside the main temple which is from Pune, Maharashtra. This is a must-visit place in Gangtok. clouds…Nice place for photography provided the weather is clear.. a good view from the point. Must visit if you are planning for the Gangtok tour.

Neat and clean place. Good rituals were followed. The ambiance is superb. You can find local items to purchase, especially the traditional dresses known as honju.  You will also find a scary house near this temple. If you want you can visit that too. It is covered in the list if you book a cab for local sightseeing. Location- Gangtok, Sikkim.

Enchey Monastery

This monastery has a serene atmosphere and is located on a hilltop. The literal meaning of ‘Enchey Monastery’ is ‘the solitary temple’. It is also said that the Monk built a small hermitage at the site of the monastery after he came here flying from Maenam Hill in South Sikkim. It is said to be one of the famous monasteries of Vajrayana Buddhism. The locals believe in the power and sacredness of this place and are highly revered. The beautiful vibrant monastery looks fresh with the blue sky in the background. It is located in the city but is well away from traffic.

A nice place to visit, inside the monastery is very calm and serene. It has a nice plaza on all sides surrounded by small structures designed in Buddhist architecture style. Hilltop Monastery. Calm and serene place. It is one of the most significant monasteries of Sikkim and is believed that deities always fulfill the wishes of devotees. The monastery is topped by a shining golden cupola. It houses a number of images of Gods, Goddesses, and religious objects. The deities worshipped in the monastery are the Buddha, Loki Sharia, and Guru Padmasambhava. The walls of the monastery in the large prayer hall are fully covered with paintings and murals of four religious kings, the deities of the four cardinal directions as stated in the scriptures, and the entire galaxy of Mahayana Buddhist deities. As, according to a legend, Guru Padmasambhava had subdued the spirits of the Khangchendzonga, Yabdean, and Mahākāla here.

In view of this legend, the religious significance of Enchey Monastery is deeply ingrained in every household in Gangtok. It is also believed that these powerful deities always fulfill the wishes of the devotees. The four pillars supporting the roof of the monastery are elaborately carved. The peaceful and sacrifice location in Gangtok. One has to take a vehicle to reach there as it would be tiresome to walk there. You can visit anytime but to see Buddha Temple inside Monastery, please make sure that you go during the daytime. You would see many kids studying there. The most astonishing part was that the whole monastery was cold but the stone in the center was warm. Upon offering prayers we were given a spoonful of litchi juice which was also divine in taste. Location- Gangtok, Sikkim.

Hanuman Temple

The well-maintained and clean place in Gangtok. This place is managed by our Indian army. So the discipline is observed automatically… Also, they provide tourists with hot tea free of cost. One thing, photography is not allowed inside the temple. Hanuman temple is one of the main attractions of Gangtok. This is located at a high altitude of about 7200 ft. This temple is maintained by the Indian army. You can see the Kanchenjunga from the temple (if the weather is clear)… One can see a beautiful mountainscape, if not cloudy.

Appreciate the garden and temple maintained by the army personnel. According to the local legends, when Hanuman was flying to Dronagiri Mountain which had the life-saving herb Sanjeevani to save Lord Rama’s brother Lakshmana, he rested in the spot for some time where his temple now lies. There is also an observation deck built from which if one is patient till the clouds are cleared can view the peaks of the Himalayan range, mainly Kanchenjunga. Pathways for the physically challenged are made for easy access for wheelchair-dependent persons. Prasad is served for tourists who visit the Shrine. A huge parking space is available to park vehicles. Mind-Blowing place. Location – Gangtok, Sikkim.

Namgyal Institute of Tibetology

This place will take you back ages and is sure to make you feel nostalgic and fill you with awe as you see the rich heritage of the Tibetan and the Buddhist culture. The place houses very old paintings and artifacts used in Buddhist rituals. You will also see very old coins and currencies which were in use during those times. The entry fee is Rs 20 and the best thing about that is instead of an entry ticket they give you a postcard which can be used as a collectible.

There is also a gift shop inside which has a wide variety of souvenirs at reasonable rates. This place has many artifacts that represent Tibet and Buddhism.It is a beautiful museum. Covering traditional Buddhist culture. Has information about Sikkimmes history. Wonderful artifacts and traditional currency. The entry fees are reasonable. The place is highly maintained. One should visit this place if he or she is an explorer and history enthusiast…  Photography is strictly prohibited in the premises. There is also a monastery nearby where one can observe the rituals and interact with the monks. Location- Deorali, Gangtok, Sikkim.

Do Drul Chorten Monastery

One of the best and peaceful places in Gangtok. Many tourists come to visit this place but also the local people come here to worship and also many students are there who study there. All and all this is the must-visit place when you plan to visit Gangtok. Offers calmness and a feel of nature. A must-visit peace-full place for Gangtok Sightseeing offering several photographic opportunities. Cleanliness at its best. If you’re in search of peace, just stay in here for a couple of hours. Decorative and clean with a real peaceful surrounding. Lots of gardens to roam about. This place gives you relaxation. A very beautiful place with many monks and some of them are under training. You can also see how they take their study and spiritual knowledge. There are many spinning wheels and also many colorful flags with various types of pictures on them. literally, this place gives you positive energy. There is also a room that is half covered by glass and the room is filled with hundreds of candles. Sure it will make you happy and energetic. Location- M.P.Golai, Tadong, Gangtok, Sikkim.

Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple

Baba Mandir, located in East Sikkim, is one of the major tourist attraction spots. This place is dedicated to “Baba” Harbhajan Singh, who was a brave soldier of the Indian Army. The soldier died during a natural disaster at a very young age and no one could find him. After a few days, one of the soldiers dreamt about the place where “baba” Had met with death and they found out the place and also in a dream they felt the desire of “baba” Who wanted his own cremation to be done at that place. Till today, it is believed that “baba” Is still present there, looking after the soldiers, and also he comes to the mandir every night and takes rest in his bed. People also believe that the water kept there is filled with ” Baba’s” Blessing and it can heal any ailments. Very great place where you can actually feel patriotic.. how someone who died many years ago is still protecting Indian border from enemies is Very nice place and patriotic songs make you more excited. Location- East Sikkim.

Sikkim Himalayan Zoological Park

This is a very beautiful zoo located 30 minutes drive from Gangtok. You can take the car inside and park it there. The zoo is big so expect to walk a lot or spend at least 3-4 hours there.  One very beautiful eco-tourism location. The Himalayan animals are kept in the natural environment in the zoo. We need to walk uphill to see the animals. Tourists with breathing difficulties and walking difficulties may find it a little difficult to climb uphill. Scenic beauty combined with great views of the whole Gangtok city is a marvelous sight. The watchtower is very useful to watch the views. Very well maintained,  and a must-visit if you are traveling through Gangtok. It’s a rock park with so many varieties of flowers.

This place can be described as the rarest zoo where a few rare animals can only be seen nowhere in the world especially the snow leopard and red panda in one place. Golden pheasant and silver pheasant birds are also eye-catching with their magnificent display of colors. The variety of civet cats is also an attraction. The flora around itself is another attraction . You can see here the organic production of flower saplings… It’s quite impressive. A photogenic view is here. Various steps and various species are there. This place is good to hang around rather than for the animals there. There are quite a few animals but the greenery is fantastic. Nice zoo on the top of the Himalayas. They have gathered interesting animals almost in their natural habitat. Place is very beautiful and also to spend a whole day with family and children. It has other facilities like drinking water, washrooms, and parking places for visitors. Don’t ever miss the yummy momos and chutney at a small tea place inside the zoo..haven’t really had such fresh and tasty momos elsewhere chutney is so different and yum. Everything is made fresh here from scratch. Location – Bulbulay East Sikkim, Gangtok.


If you are a traveler and looking for a historic place with the beauty of nature and the purifying atmosphere then it is the perfect destination for you to visit this historical Silk Route Sikkim. Come here for the unforgettable views, come for the altitude and its thin air. Come here for the birds or come for the soft-spoken red-cheeked people with a genuine smile pasted to their faces, come for the greenery, come for the winding roads, come for the pristine lakes, etc.. You will get a piece of heaven in your soul as soon as you keep the step here.. Hurry up. Pack your bags and make your tour memorable.

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