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Top 5 places for tourists in Kalimpong
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Top 5 places for tourists in Kalimpong


Kalimpong is a town, in extreme northern West Bengal state, northeastern India. It lies in a valley amid rugged mountains, just east of the Tista River. Kalimpong holds an annual agricultural produce and stock fair and is well known for its handicrafts. It truly justifies the tag of a once must visit this place of North-East Bengal.

 The place has so many unique things to offer as well. The place is also famous for tourists as it is attractive to those who aim to visit Kalimpong.  The place is reachable both by roads and railways. It is a natural free environment with pleasant climatic conditions. You can see many flora & fauna including 330 different types of plantations, 36 species of mammals, and 243 species of birds. 

There are many such parks and forests where you can find peace and a natural atmosphere. Also, these places strictly follow all covid19 protocols and precautions and the full safety of the visitors. As these places have many tourists attraction, look above the following article to know more about Kalimpong and get detailed with few best places:-

Top 5 places in Kalimpong

1) Pine View Nursery

Excellent collection of cactus, succulents, and indoor plants. Located on a narrow sloping road from the main road, if you are not an expert in driving on narrow hill roads then park your vehicle on the main road and just walk down. They have Rs. 20 per head entry ticket. They also sell plants with prices generally ranging from Rs. 150 to Rs. 500. Immediately after entering the nursery, you will notice small tent-like rooms, constructed for the cactus plants.

 Each of these rooms is well-equipped with all the requisite habitat for the different varieties of cactus. The huge sizes of some of the plants will simply blow your mind away. At the very far end of the nursery, you will come across a viewpoint, from where you can get a panoramic view of the mountain ranges. There is also a resort situated inside this nursery. English is well understood and spoken inside the Pine View Nursery. 

While strolling inside the small cactus rooms, be careful not to get too close to the plants,  Photography is permitted. The plants are well maintained and a treat to the eyes. There is a temple and a lovely bungalow inside the nursery. This place is closed on Sundays and many places are still closed post relaxation of lockdown as well.

 Please check with the tour operator before you plan to visit places of tourist interest. Parking is on the road. A nice place to spend some time with nature and gain views from here too. They also had a nursery where you can buy some different kinds of plants like the Aeonium & Gyptophytum plant. One thing that owners can do is put the display boards across so that visitors can know the name of different plants. 

This place is definitely worth the visit. They have a good collection of different varieties of cacti. The moment you enter you see umpteen signs saying that the place is under CCTV surveillance and that people should not touch the plants. However, it would have been better if there were some signs or information regarding the different varieties of cacti. The people who are running the place did not appear to be very friendly. 

There are numerous types of Cactus in this garden. This is must-visit sightseeing in Kalimpong. Thousands of Cactus plants which fall under 100 varieties of cacti – all imported from Central, North, and South America are cultivated at the Pine View Cactus Nursery which sprawls over 2 acres of Kalimpong landscape and grows cacti that have been collected for 40 years.

2) Mangal Dham Pranami Temple

A magnificent place of worship to find solace & reflect on the larger purpose of life, this temple will not only offer peace to your soul but will transport you to a different world altogether. you will be spellbound after entering the temple’s complex, seeing its maintenance standards and grandness. It’s absolutely spick & span, with Covid-19 protocols being seriously adhered to. The awe-inspiring Krishna Temple room is a real treat to the eyes. 

It’s a huge area, where one can sit inside and spend some quality time with the supreme godhead. You need to deposit your shoes at the deposit counter, sanitize your hands & wear a mask, before entering the main temple. Nestled on the lap of the mighty Himalayas, you can cherish a complete panoramic view of the mountains on all sides, which further adds to its beauty. There is also a lodging facility (separate building), inside the temple complex, where people can stay. 

Mangal Dham is a charming place for tourists. You can get all kinds of lovely views there. For photographers, this place could be heaven. Mangal Dham also provides you accommodation but you have stuck with their rules because that is a religious place also. The temple has some great architecture and lovely colors. A real lively place to be in. People from all castes and religions visit the temple and travel from near and far. 

The temple is kept very clean and neat. Parking for four-wheelers is available and clean restrooms are also there for the welfare of visitors and pilgrims. Post-Covid lockdown relaxations automatic dispensing sanitizers have been installed by the authorities. The architecture, paintings, and depiction of important events in Hindu mythology are very beautifully created. It is a Hindu temple. Very nice atmosphere inside and outside the temple. It is a must-visit place. You can pray here on your own. There is a flower garden in front of the temple.

 Every aspect is well maintained like inside/outside the temple, garden, lawn, auditorium, etc. The road to the temple is very narrow but once you reach this temple, you fill with positive and spiritual energy. The Dham premises are really clean, pleasant, and well maintained as well. This temple area is so silent that you feel really good for yourself! There are several idols and especially Lord Krishna, Radha, Shiv Ji, and Parvati.

 This temple is so big and calm that you can spend some time here to fulfill your inner self. You can use the local taxis to get here and return as well OR else, if you book sightseeing for a day, then this place is a part of your sightseeing for Kalimpong. You can’t rate religious places. Located at a beautiful location in Kalimpong, this place is peaceful and beautiful. Away from the Hustle and bustle of the city, this place has its charm. Location – Relli rd, Strawberry Kalimpong.

3) Delo park

Delo park, atop Delo hill, in north-eastern Kalimpong of West Bengal, is a beautiful scenic spot at an altitude of 5500 feet above sea level and is located in the northeastern part of the town Kalimpong. The Deolo hill offers awesome views of bustle town, nearby villages, and Mt. Kanchenjungha. It is the highest point of Kalimpong town and from the top of the hill, we found beautiful surrounding villages of Relli valley and river Teesta meandering its way along with the town. 

There is a big beautiful guest house which is run by the government. Deolo has a well-maintained landscaped garden and park. It is a beautiful place for picnics and photography. you can also enjoy paragliding.  Typically, this park is included in the itinerary of a full-day Kalimpong sight-seeing tour, which also includes other pertinent locations like the Pine View Nursery, Mangal Dham Pranami Temple, and a lot more. 

You can visit in the winter month (November). Colorful flowers can be seen here in large numbers and once upon a time, the Delo Park was the hub of different varieties of Orchids. If you are interested in paragliding, then this is the place to visit. Outside the main gate of Delo Park, you will come across several stalls, from where you can book a paragliding session for yourself. Don’t forget to relish some lip-smacking & authentic Momos, which are sold in small food joints outside the park. It is well known for picnics, family outings, and tourist attractions.

 Full of natural scenic beauty to refresh your body and mind, the fog and the mists are a cherry on top of said place. It’s good for kids as they can enjoy horse riding all over the place, and for adults, one can enjoy the paragliding over the top of Kalimpong town, however, the place is very cold throughout the calendar but one can have a hot cup of coffee to ease your body temperature. You can have a spectacular 360° view of lush green mountains from here. 

You can best experience a Solo bike ride solo long drive here in Delo or you just sit around in the deep pine forest with a cup of tea or coffee and get lost in deep thoughts…One truly relaxing place to be. Choose to stay there or have a picnic with your loved ones. Hurrying through your time would not give you the true flavor of the place or the serenity that surrounds it. 

Tourists can stay here also..they can book a room by the Delo website. It is maintained by the West Bengal government. You can enjoy the scenic beauty with the view of the Tista River and Kanchenjunga. And also you enjoy paragliding, horse riding here….it’s a very good tourist place where you can refresh yourself….. Location – Delo, homestay, and garims.

4) Zang Dhak Palri Monastery/ Durpin

This monastery is so beautiful and the place is so quiet. If you visit Kalimpong, do visit here. The monks will explain everything to you about Buddhism and all the mural paintings on the wall. But don’t take pictures of the place as they have requested not to do that. The grandeur of the event was amazing. People from all walks of life came to have his last view. The upkeep of the monastery is amazing and beautifully managed.

 There is a ground adjacent to the monastery where we witnessed a football match. Zang Dhok Palri Phodang is a Buddhist monastery in Kalimpong in West Bengal, India. The monastery is located atop Durpin Hill, one of the two hills of the town. It was consecrated in 1976 by the visiting Dalai Lama. The monastery houses many rare scriptures that were brought into India after the invasion of Tibet in 1959. It also houses the 108 volumes of the Kangyur. It is also popularly known as the Lava Monastery. 

The view from the hilltop is breathtaking. The monastery is a small one compared to other northeastern monasteries but the beautiful work within is exquisite to say the list. The place is maintained beautifully by the monks and opposite the front gate, the magnificent view towards the army grounds makes the trip even more worthwhile. It is the oldest monastery built by TN Sherpa for his teacher Dudjom Rinpoche, the head of Negima lineage. 

You must go here as it is on the hilltop and they have a statue of a Long life Buddha who was bought from Tibet. To just get a glimpse of it is said to be a blessing. It is supposed to be a very important site for present-day Buddhism. At a first glance, it is an idyllic beautiful place, with a brilliant view of the Kanchendzonga, the best viewpoint. This is located inside the military area and there is a helipad just beside this road whose entry is restricted for civilians. Make sure to catch a glimpse of the helipad if you come to visit the monastery. The air is so fresh. 

You can spend hours watching the beautiful scenery around you. You can capture good photos of the environment. It’s a must-visit place. Zang Dhok Palri Phodang is one of the well-known monasteries in Kalimpong but came into establishment in the later part of the 20th century. It is credited to be the most beautiful and also the largest among the monasteries in this city of West Bengal. Durpin Dara is the name of the peak on which the Zang Dhok Palri Phodang is situated at a height of about 1372 meaters.

 From this point, majestic picturesque sceneries can be visualized of the Kalimpong city and the valley below. Mount Kanchenjunga and other Himalayan peaks are also visible from over this monastery. The Dalai Lama consecrated this monastery when he visited Kalimpong in 1976. Another name for the Zang Dhok Palri Phodang Monastery is the Lava Monastery. Teesta River flows by the hill on which this monastery is situated. 

Zang Dhok Palri Phodang monastery holds special significance in terms of sharing its history and religious cult with his holiness 14th Dalai Lama who is still living in exile after the invasion of China in Tibet. Tourists can avail cabs to visit the monastery and have a view of the surrounding hills. Some people also prefer to trek along the path to the monastery, which is supposedly about 40 minutes walk, along Rinkinpong Road. Location – 2FQ6+775, Chandralok Kalimpong.

5) Delo View Point

One of my favorite forest visits, exploring different pathways, and it will take you to different planets. It is the highest point of Kalimpong. On a clear day, the sunrise views of Khangchendzonga from this hilltop park are superb. Also, this park is full of different flowers…There is a tourist lodge situated inside this park run by GTA. The place has so many unique things to offer as well.

 This place is visited by most of the people after Sukna. The place is also famous for tourists as it is attractive to those who aim to visit Darjeeling.  The place is reachable both by roads and railways. The Toy train is very famous over there and also it attracts the people with joy. If you want to visit here with your mates or your loved ones so everyone can enjoy the moment. 

 The dhabas outside the park serve you the best in north Bengal Meterses. This is the best place in Kalimpong. It was a beautiful cloudy place with Serenity everywhere. Nice place to roam around with friends. Activities like paragliding can be done there; it costs nearly 4k rupees. Smoking allowed. There’s a toilet but the entry fee is 5 rupees. People can ride horses there as well. Also a tiny park-like swing etc there for kids. 

A gigantic white resort is located there amidst the area. All over white and blue flowers blooming and shimmering. A good place to take thousands of photos. There is a Government Guest House in its interiors. This place is famous. Here, the view is very calming. Here, many types of flowers can be found. This place is like a walking park for people who want to find peace. This place comprises a big area, allowing tourists to roam around. Here, tourists can find recreations for children such as trampolines, swings, etc. 

Paragliding can also be conducted. Horse riding is also available. But this place has no proper public toilet. This should be done. Many tourists face inconvenience for this cause. Overall, this is a must-visit place for human beings of all ages. Paragliding with a number of Rs 4000/- per person, Horse riding is also available at about Rs 500/- per person. There is a paid use toilet also here with an amount of Rs 5/- per person. You will find children’s park too where you find so many playing things for amusement. There is also a resort over here for upper-class families. Must visit. Location – Delo,Deolo Kalimpong.


Lastly, I would like to advise you to visit these places during your holidays and vacation. You will love the god gifted nature and environment over these places. You are important to nature and nature is important to you so don’t miss your chance to experience the memorable and mesmerizing beauty of North Bengal. You can visit Kalimpong anytime around the year as the climatic conditions are suitable and sightseeing opportunities are abundant.

 June to September receives heavy rainfall so that you can avoid these months for a more comfortable outing. I can assure you that you don’t have to visit separate places to find peace and unique things. You will get “All in one “.The natural beauty of this place makes you feel fresh and attracts you to visit those places.

 If you are a nature lover, do visit those places with your family, friends, several partners, etc. As we are the generation of this century, we can create positive changes in the local economy and bring back the glory of the old days. So let’s bring our hands together and make the city more beautiful in the future. Hurry up. Very budget-friendly. Good climatic conditions and environment. Details are given above.


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