Best places to have pizza in Siliguri


Pizza is a very modern dish which is made in a round shape. It is a flattened base of leavened wheat-based dough topped with tomatoes, cheese, olives, etc. It is baked at a high temperature in a big wooden oven. pizza is served in many restaurants or cafes by cutting their slices into a few pieces. Pizza has become one of the most famous food items in the world and other parts of the country. Pizza is also a love for teenagers and youngsters. Everyone loves to have pizza in their free time and hang out with their friends by having a delicious pizza party. Here I am going to detail to you some amazing places to have pizza in Siliguri.


Pizza is solid and fresh,  whole or big size slices or pieces. The method of making the pizza has been developed to overcome challenges such as making the pizza sauce. You need to combine the flavors of dough and pizza sauce for the perfect taste. This pizza is assembled in the store, or shops and they sell the pizza by reheating the dough and putting some ingredients and cheese on top. Nowadays pizza is so needy and demanding for everyone so the grocery shop also keeps the fresh dough and pizza sauce for making in homes.  The main ingredients for making pizza are sauce, cheese, liquid cheese, veggies and meats. It is eaten by youngsters and teenagers in cafes or a variety of pizza shops. 

Best places to have pizza in Siliguri

1.Pizza Hut

It’s absolutely the best place to get you some pizzas.  Best place for pizza lovers. The service is good despite the pandemic and being understaffed. The pizza is always a prize winner and you should definitely try the choco-chip cookie Sundae, it is as tasty as beautiful it is. Nice food and amazing service. Pizza Hut has improved a lot and has become. one of the most favorite places for youngsters and teenagers. Just check their official app and show them the one you want to order. Like there is a combo of 4 veg pizzas in the app. If you show them the particular combo pack they will take it as an order. So try to check out the app.  If you can’t place an order from the app then try to collect the verified phone number and call them! If they deliver to your address then they will take your order. An extremely convenient and budget-friendly place to have pizza with your friends, family, work colleagues, or even you alone. The ambiance and service standards are above the expected level. Hygienic place cooperative cook and management with good quality and delicious food with full information about the quality and preparation of food. Location – No 12B, upper ground floor, cosmos mall 2nd mile, Sevoke road, Siliguri, West Bengal. 

2.   Half-full

Half-full is one place you should definitely visit if you want to spend a good time with your family or lover. It is divided into two sections. One is the restaurant part which is dark and the other is the balcony section. They have three menus available and those are:- Food menu, Beverage menu and Bar menu. They have also recently updated their menu and added Tapas platter in both veg and nonveg to it. If you are visiting Half Full for the first time, be sure to try PIZZA PANI PURI and THAI SATAY. Apart from that, for desserts give brownies, sizzlers a try and you will go home with a FULL TUMMY. Also, try their pizzas very yummy. Awesome place, Food is delicious,  Staff respectful and courteous, Clean washrooms. All cards are accepted. Partially accessible by wheelchair. Large Paid parking available. you can also hop the nearby places around the restaurants. There are many more to explore such areas. You can take a short break in your shopping time to have some mind refreshing and relaxing foods and drinks to take a rest and gain energy. You can also enjoy the bars upstairs and take a step to dance and enjoy with your groups. Hard drinks and soft drinks along with good quality food available here and on top of weekly shows and parties are the USP  of this place with good Disco Jockey. Bring out your cravings and taste the delicious flavor of foods and drinks here. Afternoons are less crowded and evenings tend to get very crowded and busy. Location- The planet building, 3rd floor, Sevoke road beside fly smart, Siliguri, West Bengal.

3.  Dominos’ pizza

It is very very convenient to place an order and take it away within 10 minutes, and if you are a regular customer you will get a solid discount. Their fast and polite workers serve your meal with joy and happiness and also in these pandemic situations they’re doing their best to keep their customers safe and also working really hard to satisfy the customers. The foods are very pocket-friendly. you will enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and the environment is very refreshing. It is a good place to spend a great time with your friends, families, and lover. You will get good quality and a good quantity of food. They make the best pizza with loads of cheese. The dining space is also huge with a parking space. Pretty perfect place to have a get-together with your friends and lovers. A Siliguri-based cafe that uses your support + good food and drinks to transform the lives of children on the streets and slums in India. The store is not crowded and one can have a good time with their pizza. Location- Oja’s mall, ward no 9, ground floor, near Siliguri fire station, station feeder road, Siliguri, West Bengal.

4. The coffee shop

One of the best coffee shops in and around Siliguri. It is situated on the 3rd floor, Vega Circle Mall. Food and Service are  Best. Nowadays coffee also offers drinks. Various types of Wine are available. They follow all the guidelines from the Govt regarding Covid 19.  Friendly Atmosphere.Good food and served with varieties of drinks on New Year Eve. Wonderful New Year Metservice. you can create here. Helpful staff but a bit slow which is understandable due to new year’s eve. You will Come again. Amazing and calm ambiance. Great coffee and the pizzas are mouth-watering, trust me they are better than dominoes. Good food, great ambiance and cozy seating placements, polite and active staff, and speedy service.Overall great experience. You will fall in love with the presentation of food and its taste. Also, try the pizza and iced latte. Go and have a couple of beers and pizza. It is good. You can go there to take a break from your shopping spree and have a bottle of beer.  This is one of the finest cafes in town with beautiful interiors, cordial staff and some lip-smacking food, located in Vega Circle, Siliguri. They have a variety of options starting from coffees, shakes to desserts to pizzas, risotto, pasta, yum chicken wings.. mouth-watering prawn dishes. Good Food, Good ambiance, Good People, it’s actually a nice place to hang out. Do try their special pizza menu and you will fall in love with it. Location – Shop no 3, 3rd floor, Vega circle mall, 3rd mile, Bhaktinagar, Siliguri, West Bengal.

5.  Pizza point

It is situated at a very easily approachable place- a walking distance from court more towards Baghajatin park. The presentation of food is really impressive and the taste is up to the mark. The size of this place might seem to be quite small but it’s cozy and comfortable. Very American Indian and unique. The staff of this restaurant is courteous and prompt at providing any assistance. Debit card, credit card, Paytm all modes of payments are available. They take care of the customer’s satisfaction and also follow the rules of covid19 protocol and safety measures of the customers. A variety of food is available and not a single one will disappoint you. Fantastic pizza at a Fantastic Price. The staff is well behaved and very friendly. They also help you to choose your favorite item. People prefer to have some time to eat some delicious pizza during their shopping period. They do the Thin Crust one. The way pizza is supposed to be and not like what Pizza Hut and Dominos are teaching people. Best pizza in Siliguri. Location – Opposite of Siliguri municipal corporation building, Baghajatin Road, ward 18, Subhaspally Siliguri, West Bengal. 

6.  Hashtag

The hashtag is one of the oldest and most popular pubs in town. Their acoustic nights are to die for. I always love sipping on my drink and groove to their music. Food is up to the mark. They specialize in serving cocktails and amazing shots. More or less every day they have offers on drinks which might be helpful for people who love boozing. Happy hours are included. The menu has pizza too. They serve the thin crust pizza with extra cheese and also provide extra dips and toppings in it. Too good pizzas will melt in your mouth very mouthwatering. This place is so ordinary and rustic, but yet the most extraordinary place.. Unfinished building, just when you enter, there is a front of an old auto, then when you enter, there is an old Bajaj scooter, the bar decorated with several number plates, the lights hanging through ropes, large sitting capacity accompanied with delicious food and drinks. This place is really worth visiting. A nice place to spend the weekend with friends.Good choices for food and snacks and drinks. In a good range for mid-towners. You may get a dancing environment sometimes. The decor is amazing, starting from the menu cards to the lights and the graphite on the wall, they are quirky and fun. They have used really innovative ideas to decorate the restaurant. The staff is very friendly and well mannered. The bar is right in the middle of the restaurant. They have a separate smoking space. It is a family restaurant so you could go there with your family as well. Also, it is a perfect place to hang out with your friends. In case you wish to get extra privacy with your beloved they have a separate space for you too. The place is kids friendly so an added advantage. The staff was very courteous and friendly, and the service was prompt. Live music was the icing on the cake. Overall a wonderful experience, I would visit again and recommend it to all my friends. The hashtag is different from other lounges n night clubs majorly in clientele. Location – 3rd, the planet mall, Sevoke road, opposite of Cosmo mall, PC jewelers Siliguri, West Bengal.


Whenever we hear the name of pizza, suddenly the name of dominos and pizza huts comes to mind. Pizza is a true love for today’s generation. Kids, teenagers, youngsters love to eat delicious and yumI luscious pizzas. If you are a kind of foodie person and love to eat some cheesiest, creamy, overloaded pizza then you must visit those places given in the following details.  

You will also get some new items on the menu that you have not tried before. Couples can visit the pizza center to chill and spend quality time together. As pizza is loved by today’s generation and it’s a most famous Italian dish among the peoples. You can have both veg and nonveg pizza. These restaurants are also available in online food delivery apps like Swiggy, Zomato, Domino’s, KFC, pizza hut, etc. Do order your favorite one. Also, all the places follow proper hygiene and proper covid19 safety measures for their visitors, staff and everyone. The details are given above about the best pizza stores which need to be visited by the people of Siliguri. Do check out and visit and fulfill your cravings.

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