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Momo is a famous dish introduced by Tibetan Nepal. This is a very famous food among the people in Siliguri and other North-East Indian states. It is also known as dumplings in south Asia. Momo is eaten with a spicy red chutney which is the perfect combination to have. The highlights of the Darjeeling momo are found in every food stall.

But nowadays the momos are made with chicken, prawns, and even vegetables. Momos are in many different types in India, like steamed, fried, pan-fried with sauce, in sizzlers’, even in soups. But these momos are famous in the Northside of India. But in recent times, its popularity has reached South India also. Siliguri has brought many variations in each and every counter of the food keeping in mind the taste and demands of the customers. These places can give a huge competition to other places. Almost in every Chinese food stall you can get momo, and in fine dines, they have many varieties of the same.

The best momo is found in  Northeast Indian states, Darjeeling and Kalimpong in West Bengal, Dharamsala, etc… Don’t forget to try momos in Siliguri and Darjeeling. People crave to have Darjeeling momo whenever they visit Siliguri or Darjeeling.  Here are some of the most popular places in Siliguri to have some Delicious tasty momos. Details are given below:-

1. Momo hut.

Genuinely one of the best momo joint in town but a bit costly. Must try mutton momo, soupy momo, and chicken wai wai. Serving the best momo in the town but you need to think about the pocket pinch too. Very polite behavior of the owner and the host. Located in the center of the city.. specialist in Mutton momo, Chicken cheese momo, and soupy momo. You will find varieties of momo from normal steam momo to pan-fry momo to cheese momo to chocolate momo with ice cream.

Trust me you won’t find more friendly,  well behaved, polite staff in any other place. They make you feel at home. And moreover, they will ask for your feedback every time and work on it if something is missing. The prices of the momo are reasonable according to the quality and size of it. Apart from momo, you can also find thukpa wai wai, etc over here. 5 stars for quality. 5 stars for value for money. 5 stars for the behavior of the staff. 5 stars for the hygiene maintained.. 5 stars for the cozy cute ambiance. The chicken is finely cooked with fresh flavors.

The stuffing gives no chance to complain. It does not have excess oil or animal fats which are very high in momos served at other places. The outer layer is very thin and the edges were slightly thick which could be improved. The chutney served is super spicy and is perfect in taste. Definitely, a place to go for all the foodies out there.

The ambiance is good and the food scrumptious. Great variety of authentic Nepalese delicacies, a lot of pork options to choose from. The prices are a little too much for the quantity they serve. During the lockdown, everyone is craving to have some delicious momos and soups so don’t be late to fulfill your cravings. All the items tasted heavenly, especially the roasted chili pork and chicken momos. This place is quite popular for its pork momos. So, if you’re looking for exquisite pork dishes, do visit this place.

The quality and quantity of food are satisfying and they provide such a variety of dishes at absolutely such reasonable prices. But most importantly they have maintained their taste while not bumping the price up, which makes it so good. Hope they keep serving great stuff and keep going from place to place. Great place for casual dining and for Chinese food. The shop is open and everything is maintained very hygienically by following covid19 safety measures. So hurry up and have a tasty bite.

Location- Near Taiwah, opposite Bidhan jewelers, Shri Maa Bhawan, hill cart rd, ward 6, Siliguri.

2. Dimik.

They serve one of the best chicken momo and noodles in the city. They have a whole lot of things on their menu to offer at affordable prices. Momos at its best; come with a touch of craft and care. And nevertheless, not overpriced at all, Best Momo shop of Siliguri. Tastiest Chicken Momo you will ever have. Reasonable 40/- per plate along with the soup.

Chow Mein is also very tasty but 80 per plate (which is not big enough in amount). The place is small and congested and it is better to stand outside and eat. Not far from the main road. The place is small and hence the sitting capacity is limited so plan your visit. You should definitely try the momo and pork out here. Hand-made noodle soups and momos are the best here.  There are only four small tables on the left and three on the right. So the restaurant can seat about 20 people.

There would be a considerable number of people always waiting in front of the restaurant. So patience is a virtue, to get your turn in. The parking place is not there. It is better to go early and it’s open even in the afternoon too. Perfect outside.. juicy inside. Delicious, and pocket-friendly food items you will find here. But the place is not large for any group. But the momos and taipos are so delicious.

A small place with a very positive vibe. You will have to wait about an hour or so. This place generally has a queue, but it is definitely worth it. Their food is very authentic and one can enjoy it fully there. The place serves very mouth-watering food. You can also get takeaway facilities. The shop is located in the Siliguri junction area and is within walking distance from the hotel Khana Khazana. And you may enjoy the mutton soup also. The name itself gives you hunger pangs.

Dimick Momo is one of the few eating joints in Siliguri that offers the best momo in town (with a spicy chutney and mouth-watering mutton soup) and this shop has been in existence for well over a decade now with the demand and popularity intact. They have a very limited menu of veg, chicken, or mutton- momos, chow mein, and thukpa.

The momos are soft, moist, and feel like a burst of flavor in your mouth. You will fall in love with the quality as well as the taste of the Momos and Chowmein that Dimick has been serving. They have a whole lot of things on their menu to offer at affordable prices.

Food enthusiasts should definitely visit and enjoy the food. You can try both chicken and mutton and both were too good to describe. The crowd after 6 pm is hard to beat.  The owner is very Frank and behaves very gently with the customers. Everything is maintained very hygienically by following covid19 guidelines.

Location- Patel Road, Ward 3, Janta Nagar, Siliguri, West Bengal.

3. Momo head.

The quality of momos has improved over time. The chicken and mutton momos were juicy and authentic with thin skin. Chicken momos are very tasty. The sauce is sweet and creamy, not spicy at all, you can find coconut in it. Best mutton momo you can ever have, the puchka momo is a revolution in the momo world.

Great chutneys to go along with it. Definitely worth the money and would highly recommend it to all to visit here with your friends and family. You would love the succulent momos here. Momos are drenched with butter and oregano flakes, which makes the dumpling melt in your mouth. Delicious food, amazing quantity, and the quality are sublime. This place is heaven for Momo lovers. Special for grilled Momo’s. Chicken tandoori momos, afghani momos, n also some veg momos.

These momos were dipped into different sauces and then grilled which makes them crispy and juicy. The mint and schezwan chutney also add to the flavor. Momo’s Express, this food chain, has no branch in Siliguri. But the taste of food is too good there for sale, service up to the mark, any time you visit you will see the rush.

This place is just for momos lovers, the variety of momos available is too large, the taste is marvelous like it’s a mouth watering-place, rates are slightly costly over there, but are perfect for its taste, the best is paneer kurkure momos, the mayonnaise is just yummy, you can reach there without any hesitation. This place is famous for its fried chicken Tikka momo’s which is damn delicious and you won’t find the taste anywhere else. 1 plate is more than enough for 2 people.

The food is of high quality and will leave you with a good taste and wanting more always. The size of the momos was also impressive and one plate of momos is enough for a person. Do visit this place. Let’s hope their taste remains the same in the future. This place also delivers food at home but via swiggy but it’s worth it always Scrumptious momos. Sizzler momos and butter chicken momos are just amazing and yummy.

A treat to taste buds and a unique menu. Tried both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options and both were great. The price is very moderate, which is a rarity in Siliguri. A bit small and cozy place but perfect to complete your small hunger. Momo is the highlight of the menu in Siliguri.

You can get it home-delivered or you can place the order by phone and pick it up or just have it there, thanks to the great ambiance. The staff is pretty cool. No matter how you pay, they always have changed. Free containers. They make fresh momos in front of you and the price for one plate (8 pieces) chicken/mutton/veg momo is just rupees 20. They even give soup. Very fast service but usually, there is a wait here in the late evening. Quality is good and not very great due to their price range but it’s

4. Subhahang.

Undoubtedly the best chicken momos and best chicken thukpa in town! Not even kidding. The quantity and the quality both are amazing. Chicken momo with soup- Rs.55/- Chicken thukpa- Rs.60/-. This is the place where you can have juicy Momo and chutney which is damn awesome. All the members here are so friendly and they prepare Chowmein as per your requirement.

Thukpa has the potential to devour your appetite and the soup is so delicious. One of the best places in Siliguri for Chicken Momos. Their chicken momos, just melt in the mouth and their chutney is amazing. The outer shell is very thin, the sauce is not hiccuped hot when you take a bite there is no watery juice jumping out of your mouth and the chicken filling is damn tasty. They are even introducing a number of items in their menu, both veg, and non-veg.

There is a variety of Tibetan Flatbreads, which are absolutely delicious, with lots of cheese and mayo and veggies and meat to top it up. Fully loaded with Garlic and spices. The specialty dining restaurant serves Chinese and Tibetan delicacies, which are inspired by the gourmet centers and give your plate a raise. Momo Plaza has a dedicated team of chefs that are efficient in giving the look good factor to the dishes.

The economical menu gives you an additional reason to dine out and have a mouthwatering experience. The store is really beautifully decorated with a unique design. This restaurant is also very cheap and value for money…they have some pretty good combos..try the Manchurian, chopsey and obviously the Momo’s chicken momo is very good, and also try the pork momo it’s the best. The impressive thing is all the staff are very jolly, charming and friendly.

They always encourage all the customers with a smile and funny talk. According to the staff, they love to always stay happy because they believe that happiness is one and most important medicine for everyone’s health. This place has a variety of momos to offer with decent quantities and affordable rates. They have great varieties of momos available. From steamy to crispy, creamy to shahi and tandoori, every kind of momo is available here. Apart from momos, they have many other Chinese foods and that also in many varieties.

The momos are of huge size, it’s worth the price. And chicken thenthuk soup comes under the thukpa category, where the main soup content or taste or ingredients remains the same, only the noodles shape and size change. If you really want to try and love the taste of authentic tandoori momos then this is the only place that is gonna satisfy your taste buds to the core and you gonna enjoy every bite of your tandoori chicken momos.

Their other dishes are great too but momos are the best. The filling literally melts in your mouth with each bite. Many folks do not know about this place as it is tucked away in Pradhan Nagar away from the city center. Many folks do not know about this place as it is tucked away in Pradhan Nagar away from the city center. Awesome taste of the food here, authentic recipe and must try if you are visiting Siliguri.

The place is near the main bus terminal, junction station, and North Bengal Clinic. The unbeatable taste makes your stomach full more. They serve many varieties of momo, pasta, noodles, and many more. All safety measures are being maintained.

Location – 1n, Nivedita rd, ward 2, pradhan Nagar, Siliguri.

5. Himalayan fast food corner.

This is the famous fast food corner in Siliguri near the street side. It is famous for its fast food, basically different types of momos, noodles, thukpa, etc. The fast-food corner is one of the favorite foods for today’s young generation. All the people who work near the food corner visit during their free time to have some Delicious tasty mouthwatering dishes.

Very humble behavior by the shop owners and maintained hygienically. A fast-food corner is a place where you can visit any time either you are full or you have some cravings.  They make succulently steamed and crispy fried momos. Their Thukpa (Tibetan noodle soup) is also very famous among the locals. classic and creative space to satiate your tummy! The delicious food is offered in the best hygienic way. During rush hours Service may be delayed a bit but overall it’s very satisfactory.

Pricing is ok regarding the ambiance and quality. Non-veg and veg menus are mouthwatering. Lovely to hang out with your close group. Hospitality is remarkable. You should try their tandoori and steam chicken momos. One of the best places to try out Tibetan cuisine when you are visiting the hill queen. The place is small and hence the sitting capacity is limited so plan your visit.

You should definitely try the momo and pork out here. The menu might look expensive at first glance but don’t panic the portions are more than enough for 2 people. The menu offers a wide range of choices from momos, to thentuk, thukpa, spring rolls, chow mien, and a whole lot of other Chinese and Tibetian delicacies. They are just hilariously tasty. It’s juicy, it’s full of meat and it’s well cooked.

Their spicy sauce is literally hot/spicy. You’ll love it. It’s more like a schezwan and chili sauce combination. Spicy gravy steamed Momos. Paneer momos in pink pasta sauce.Chilli garlic noodles with mushrooms.Vegetable noodles. Their food couldn’t get any better. The momos are always well cooked. The sauces are amazingly flavorful. The Chinese are the best. Their chow mein and Chinese platter are also worth trying.

These guys are doing some amazing things with the momos and you will suddenly start loving them. Their Chinese delicacies are as delectable as any other item on their menu. The servers are very courteous & give you a good time to brief you on dishes. Their GRAVY MOMOS are just beyond the words.

On a pretty humble budget be it as a young student or a newly salaried employee or have a group of friends with you and want to have some delicious food. Do visit here definitely, you will enjoy it.

Location- near Pranami plaza, ward 40, Punjabi para, Siliguri.


Momo is the favorite dish among today’s youngsters and generation. Children prefer to have momos and soup to satisfy their hunger. Momo can be eaten in various ways. Momos is a kind of street food which one can have during their busy schedule.

These days, momo is prepared with virtually any combination of ground meat, vegetables, paneer cheese, etc. At home and in some restaurants, it is served with radish or cucumber salad. Beef and pork are traditional fillings; but chicken and vegetable momos and cottage cheese of late, are gaining ground.

So do visit those places given in the above article. Hurry up and satisfy your cravings. Some dishes are a must-try out here because you won’t get such type of flavourful stuff anywhere. You must try some spicy, delicious food twice a month, or a week, to change the taste of your mouth. Once you have it definitely you will visit again and again.  So hurry up and rush to have some yummy dishes to fulfill your tummy.

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