Lepchajagat : Best place for couples in Darjeeling


If you are a kind of adventurous person and love to visit hill stations then I must say it is the perfect place for you to adventure and enjoy the beautifying nature. It is a densely forested area with lots of pines, oak, etc.. From Ghum take the westbound road and Lepchajagat is just 8 km or about 20 minutes drive away. This is the same road that connects Darjeeling to Mirik, so you may also reach Lepchajagat via Mirik. There is a forest bungalow at Lepchajagat which has 6 rooms available for tourists. There are also a number of homestays and home lodges at Lepchajagat which offer decent rooms and amenities within a limited budget. Siliguri is the nearest town connected to the mainline rail network. Ample transport is available to Lepchajagat from here. You can take a taxi or go by train. Couples can enjoy their honeymoon and spend quality time there. Few more information is given below scroll down and gets to know many more.

History of Lepchajagat

Lepchajagat, or Lepcha Bustee as the locals say, started out as a settlement of around twenty Lepcha families on a stretch of motorable road between Ghoom and Sukhiyapokhri. In the 1800s, when the tea estates around Darjeeling began to flourish, members of the Lepcha community moved to Darjeeling and its surrounding areas to find work. Almost every family in Lepchajagat can trace their ancestry to someone who worked as a laborer in one of the many tea estates that the region is now famous for. But after Independence, the tea estates fell into the throes of mismanagement. As trade dwindled, the growing community was left to figure out alternate livelihoods. Increased connectivity and the tourism explosion in Darjeeling pushed travelers to find untrodden destinations around Darjeeling.

Places to visit in  lepchajagat

Rock Garden, Darjeeling

Beautiful place. Waterfalls fall right through the rocks with wonderful greenery all around. There is a good amount of climbing to do but it’s worth it. The climb up the hill takes around 20 min and there are seats in between to rest. One can also rest by the waterfalls and wet your feet in crystal clear water. A must-visit spot while you travel to Darjeeling. A bit crowded but very few people actually go to the top so target for that one. The entrance fee is a modest ₹20 and if all that walking makes you hungry, the many stalls around serve delicious momos and chai. Of course, there’s no substitute for a steamy plate of Maggi to beat the nip in the air. The main attraction of this place is a waterfall named Chunnu and Ganga Maya Park. If you think of visiting Darjeeling, include this place in your tour package. When you go there, a lot has to go down. The narrow and curved road has to be crossed. The upper of the hill was foggy and cold but the lower was sunny and hot. Big rocks and gardens made the place magical. The skilled local driver brought us here very carefully in a private car. It is roughly 6.2 km from Darjeeling Clock Tower and 25-30 minutes to get here by car. You can spend about 1-2 hours here with your family or friends. Location- Rock garden Road Bloomfield tea garden, Darjeeling, West Bengal.

Gangamaya park, Darjeeling, West Bengal

A serene natural park that you will fall in love with. The whole environment is beautiful. The highlight is the boat ride in the beautiful lake that is nestled between shrubbery and hills. It costs just Rs. 50 and they let you ride the boat yourself. Memorable experience riding the boat in this lake. Clean, beautiful and a must-visit for nature lovers. The moment you enter the gate of Rock Garden you will witness lines of small stalls selling different cultural souvenirs and while entering those sharp edges of rock you will witness will mesmerize your mind. Those terraces sitting arrangement and sprawling gardens would crave your mind to lure for more and as you will descend closer to witness colossal structures of rock the gentle springs that gush from an adulating height would command your eternal reverie. The park has an entry ticket of ₹20. A hidden gem which you can’t miss to afford, a calm and composed place with a beautiful view of the Lake surrounded by Greenery. This place has a boating facility, a perfect spot to spend some quality time. People usually avoid coming here but this place is just 2km away from the rock garden and people coming there should definitely come to this place. It’s worth visiting. Location- Bloomfield road, Bloomfield tea garden, West Bengal.

Japanese peace pagoda

This place is situated at the fringe of the town on a hilltop amidst nature & free from the hustle-bustle of city life. A two-storied temple of Lord Buddha, which is also dedicated to world peace, and a large white stupa beside displaying the life & incarnation of Lord Buddha are together what apparently meant the place. But among the local Buddhist people, who are in plenty there, this is one of the important religious places and for other people, this place provides a taste of Buddhist heritage, culture & rituals. The entire place is nicely maintained. Besides serenity & sacredness, this place also provides an excellent unobstructed view of the entire mountain range. Altogether, this is one of the main attractions for tourists during the Darjeeling trip. The beautiful Buddhist monastery and Peace Pagoda is located near the top of Jalapahar Hill, about 2 km from the Darjeeling Clock Tower. Location – Darjeeling city, West Bengal.

Bamboo resort and ATV park

This place is very calm and serene. Worth visiting one can book directly by calling on no from the web. Riverside cottage, bamboo houses are good, very neat, and clean. Beautiful surroundings with a bridge on the river, walking nearby is very scenic. It is near an electricity power station. The swimming pool is not maintained, food is average, not many options but tasty, roads must be checked with owners and locals not easily reachable using Google maps. A very narrow and steep road is good for small vehicles. The bamboo resort is so much more than just the name, it is an experience of the life and culture of the people of this region. The hosts, Netra and his family, bring warmth and joy to the whole experience of a home stay-styled resort. Bijanbari, in itself, is a beautiful Hamlet by the little Rangeet River, blessed with many small waterfalls. The cottages were amazing, well decorated, on one side where the hills on the other side were the tea gardens. Location – near chhota rangeet, hydel project, Bijanbari, West Bengal.

Chunnu waterfall

Nature beauty crafted by human beings, a must-visit place with delightful beauty and mind-pleasing waterfalls. Must-try local outfits there worth 50 bucks and click photos as much as you want. The Rock Garden (also known as Barbotey Rock Garden) at Chunnu Summer Falls and Ganga Maya Park has recently added tourist attractions in the hilly town of Darjeeling in the state of West Bengal, India. It is a showpiece meant to lure people to Darjeeling after political agitations disrupted tourism in the 1980s. You can walk to the top of the hill where the waterfall started. You can dress in local dress for only rupees 50 and can take pictures. The atmosphere is awesome.  It is a natural beauty that cools your eyes. Location- Bloomfield tea garden, West Bengal.

Geography and Weather

The geography of this place is diverse. The highest peak of Himalaya in the north. It is a small village located at an altitude of 6956 ft and only 19km away from Darjeeling.

Things to see and do at Lepcha Jagat

You can enjoy an evening walk. You can also get a heart-touching view of Kanchenjunga early in the morning. Lepchajagat is a heaven for bird lovers. You can view a variety of birds there. Even walking is allowed inside the forest bungalow. There are plenty of walking trails.

Where to stay inLepchajagat

Kanchan kanya Home stay

Best homestay in Lepcha Jagat and the food you will get will be out of the box. Only 19 km away from Darjeeling one can live in close proximity to nature at Lepchajagat. Glittering snow peaks of Kanchenjunga and the dense Lepchajagat forests with all their diversity will obviously hypnotize the viewers. Stay here for some days to refresh your mind and soul. They can arrange the pickups and drops if you want and can also arrange the day trips around Lepchajagat. If you are planning to visit Ghoom Rock then stay here. Location- Lepchajagat.

Pakhrin Home Stay

If someone wishes to spend some quality time with nature then it’s one of the best places to stay. One can equally enjoy pine forest with the mighty Himalayas around him/her with sleeping Budha at stone’s throw distance. Best homestay you can ever visit. The owner is very good and polite. The rooms are so big and spacious. The food they provide is so tasteful and healthy. Location – Lepchajagat FRH, Darjeeling.

Singtom Tea Estate & Resort

The property is absolutely beautiful and well kept. Even staff behavior is good too. If you’re looking for a peaceful place to just detox, without having to go out much, this place provides a stunning view from every room. The food menu is veg only, they have their own fusion for everything, for instance, you may find beetroot in idli. One downside is the drive down to this remote property is immensely steep and they do not provide driver accommodation. Location- Singtam, tea garden, Darjeeling.

Tourist attraction around lepchajagat


It is about 12km away from Lepchajagat and can be reached in about half an hour.  Places to visit in Ghoom are Ghoom monastery and Tiger hill.


It is about 15km from Lepchajagat on the Undo Nepal Border in the base of treks to sandakphu and is about a 45minutes drive.

Jorepokhri salamander project

It is about 6km from Lepchajagat. Places to visit here are the lake, which is home to Himalaya, Salamander, a rare species of reptile.

Darjeeling town

Darjeeling town is about 22km away from Lepchajagat. As a result, tourists staying at Lepchajagat can undertake all the sightseeing and other activities as someone staying in the main towns.

Best time to go in Lepchajagat

You can visit here from October to April. It is a great time to enjoy nature in Lepchajagat. Avoid monsoon June to September as it can rain almost anytime and won’t be suitable for walks and treks during that time.

  1. By rail.

Siliguri ( new jalpaiguri NJP) is the nearest station. 

  1. By road.

Lepchajagat is the closest place to Darjeeling. One can take a shared jeep or taxi to the hill station. The nearest railway is at New jalpaiguri which is about 85km away. 

  1. By airport.

Siliguri Bagdogra is the nearest airport which is about 80 km away.

  • Location of Lepchajagat.

Lepchajagat is located at the hill covered with oaks forest with lots of flora and fauna. It is located on Ghoom – Mirik road at the sukhiapokhri near Darjeeling. This place has an amazing beauty that is difficult to get over.  Do visit this heavenly place. 

  • Conclusion.

Lastly, I would like to conclude my article by giving you a great knowledge about the place named lepchajagat. It’s a beautiful definition of nature. You will love the simplicity of nature and the environment as well as you may get to know much more information about this place..It is much hyped for Darjeeling tourists, in my opinion. The place needs to be more properly maintained. No doubt, you have a good feeling of climbing a mountain here, but then again, you can enjoy it only if you have no knee issues.This is an historic place which has been developed in the new generation.The tourist attraction is also surrounded by tea gardens and flower gardens terraced with a peaceful lake on the top where visitors can spend a beautiful time and relax after a long and tiring journey. I must say it is the perfect place for you to adventure and enjoy the beautifying nature. It is a dense forested area with lots of pines, oak, etc.. Do visit this place once to spend your vacation and holidays you will fall in love with it.

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