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Top 10 places for couples in Siliguri


The main thing in a relationship is to spend and give time to one another. Whether the relationship is about friendship, love, etc. Whether you have been in a relationship for a few days or few months or many years but one of the major ways to make your relationship strong is by giving priority to your love. Stay fresh, spend time, go on a date, go for a long drive, take your love to visit beautiful places, but make sure that you are clear to live a long life with each other. In this post, we will tell you some amazing places in North Bengal. As you all know Siliguri is one of the hidden gems in North Bengal with many beautiful places, atmospheres, environments, etc.

1.Savin kingdom

Castle-themed amusement park featuring rides, entertainment, restaurants, a hotel, a pool & much more. Good place for couples and the younger generation.Awesome place to enjoy with your family and loved ones. The main attraction was the water park. Ticket price Rs 400/person on weekends. Enjoyed a lot. It will definitely refresh your mind. Also, carnival cinema is present, enjoying movies. The Savin Kingdom is the best place to relax and chill out. Here you can see many peoples from different religions, cultures and cities. Here you can also see some small animals roaming here and there like rabbits, squirrels, different types of birds, etc. You can get an entertaining mood as soon as you step inside the park. Nice place for professional events and The venue is in close vicinity to major hubs of the town. The venue has a lush green lawn and banquet hall which can cater to a huge number of invitees. The interior of the park is very big and has beautiful chandeliers, glossy lighting, and carpet flooring which creates an elegant ambiance. The banquet hall has an inbuilt stage that can be used for various purposes during an event. Also, you can have some snacks, coffee, cold drinks, etc from the nearby shops or the Stoll’s. They have a big open space for decorating as per your need. It’s a complete entertainment zone where you can spend your entire day and have fun. I can surely tell you if you visit this place you will fall in love with it. The garden is maintained clean and the tree and plants are cut so beautifully. There is a hub of well-maintained supporting staff who serve so gently. Another section of the park has many rides and the water park has neat and clean maintenance. Water provides in the pool is changed every day. But must say you visit once with your love, definitely, you both will enjoy this place and make your bond stronger. They also follow all covid19 safety measures for their visitors, staff, and the park. Opens – Monday to Sunday from 10:30 am to 6:00 pm.Location – Darjeeling more, Dagapur Siliguri, West Bengal.    

2. Bengal Safari

The fun is here when you visit this place with your friends or a special one. For couples, it is a great place to hang out and clicks the best pictures. Wild-animal park offering vehicular tours to see native tigers, deer, crocodiles, birds & more. The safari costs Rs. 200/adult for 1hr and for children it’s free. Good to visit with your family and children. You can see Royal Bengal Tiger, Elephant, Panther, Bear, Peacocks, etc. This is a highly underrated place that should get a lot more attention than it currently does. Amidst the vast forests of Sal trees, this safari is one of a kind. Siliguri is not about scenically blessed destinations, it is also about the lush green forest with unique wild lives. North Bengal Wild Animals Park, Siliguri has been established to showcase the faunal diversity of the North Bengal flood plains to the local people and visitors to the region. The Park has a good collection of Medicinal Plants. Tourists can spot various birds like hornbill, dove, kingfisher, etc.. and also many wild animals such as Royal Bengal Tiger, One Horned Rhinoceros, Sambar Deer, Himalayan Black Bear, Elephants, Wild Boars, etc…Moreover, you can see a gharial and crocodile pond in the Bengal Safari Park where you will witness these deadly reptiles closely. There is every kind of food available at Bengal Safari. You can drink and eat many foods such as Coffee, Veg Thali, Chicken Chow Mein, Chicken Thali, Fish Thali, Chicken Chow Mein, Chicken Paratha, Omelet, etc. The price of these foods ranges from rupees 20 to 100. You get public vehicles like Totos, Autos and Cars which can take you to this place although reaching there in your own vehicle would be advisable. Opens from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Location – 5 Mile, Sevoke Rd, Salugara, Siliguri, West Bengal.

3. Surya sen park

 Most couples prefer to spend more and more time in the park. They look for a good view, good gardens, good atmosphere, etc. This park looks very beautiful in the evening time. There is a fountain in some corners of the park with beautiful lightning on it. This park also has a pool rafting.  The park organizes a number of events and exhibitions to promote sustainable development and spread awareness about the environment.  Boasting energy and getting the fresh arrogance of nature will make you more energetic. People also go there for their evening exercise and morning walk. Students also come to hang out there. The entry ticket to Surya Sen Park is just RS. 5 per person. If you want to capture the time spent here, then it is not an issue at all as cameras are allowed here. I can highly recommend you to visit this park to spend your precious time together. Very clean, and surrounded by trees. It’s a lovely place covered with little nature between the city. You can also enjoy it with your loved ones by riding a boat. Do visit if you are in Siliguri. Opens from Monday to Sunday from 10:30 am to 10:30 pm. Location – near Air view more, bus stop, Ward 10 Purulia, Janta Nagar, Siliguri, West Bengal.  

4. Dreamland Amusement park

The best amusement park in Siliguri, with yummy foods, awesome rides, a perfect place for family outings. You can enjoy various rides and have fun. You can enjoy the most horrible caterpillar ride. Children can enjoy them. There’s a big garden with many beautiful flowers and birds. You can experience many things in a nature-free environment as well. There is a food court which offers a wonderful range of delicious food items. Kids are best entertained by the fantastic rides that are safe as well as thrilling. The plenty of adventurous rides will keep your little ones busy and are a source of ample fun and enjoyment. This wonderful attraction in Siliguri brings families here from far and wide. You can have a fun and entertainment zone out of the city. There is a food court near the park and some people roaming around sell some packet snacks.  It also offers many rides and a playground for children. Water park based in Siliguri is one of the most visited places during summers. The park is clean and the service is good. Best place for holiday and weekend tours. Many rides are present including cable car, boating, water coaster, caterpillar, breakdance and many more. One newly introduced in the park is rain dance. You can bring outside food to the park but need to pay an extra ₹30 for each head. Price of boating for each head- ₹50. Price of the cable car for each head – ₹60. Very well maintained and peaceful place in north Bengal. Boating facility available here. Staffs’ behavior is also polite. Very nice place. Well maintained with multiple florae all around. There’s a restaurant too serving vegetarian delicacies. It has a restaurant inside which serves only snacks & beverages. Idle for couples to spend some time together on a cup of tea. Opens from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm. Location – Fulbari, Ghoshpukur, Canal Road Siliguri, West Bengal.

5. Sukna Madhuban park

Best and amazing place for couples with its simplicity and cleaning ness. The park has a big ground with some rides and is a perfect place for photo shooting. This place is basically made for youngsters and teenagers to chill with their friends and lovers. This place is a nature-friendly place with beautiful plants and some animals. If you are conscious about your health then you can visit every evening for a walk and exercise to keep yourself fit. Visit with your friends to refresh your mind and take a look at the surroundings. And parking charges of Rs5 for motorcycles and Rs10 for 4 Wheelers. You don’t have a canteen inside… The one which sells only chips and cold drinks. You may only have issues with monkeys… The authorities have kept langur to tackle the problem but still might face some problems with friends and family. Stroll through the manicured lawns and pathways. Enjoy the serene ambiance and tranquillity of the park. This park is also good for kids to have fun. Entry fee Rs.30/- per person ..very cheap and budget-friendly place. People visit there every day for relaxation. The distance between Siliguri to Madhuban park is 15 km by road. You can also find the distance from Siliguri to Madhuban park using other travel options like bus, subway, tram, train and rail. You will be glad to know that the park can be visited every day of the week. The rich green surroundings of sukna forest offer a cool atmosphere and a peaceful feeling. It is famous for its landscaped gardens, manicured lawns and pathways. The park also serves as a favorite picnic spot for the whole family. This place also has a corner for couples to sit and spend some time with each other. There is a small shop inside the park from where you can enjoy some coffee or snacks. Opens from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm. Location – Sukna forest, Siliguri, West Bengal.

6.  City Center

Most of the big fashion brands make it the best place here. Also, the momo was really good there in quality and quantity. The small toy train for kids on the ground floor makes the experience fun for them. A huge parking area makes it convenient for self-driven vehicles. It’s a fun place to hang out with friends, families and it is also the best place for couples to enjoy. The vibe here is great to chill out and just have fun. Really awesome. You should visit City Centre, Siliguri if you are here in Siliguri, North Bengal. Favorite place for kids because of the different rides and activities, 9D cinema is also good. There is space for almost all branded and semi-branded shops. City center  Siliguri has an admiration of its own. People consider visiting it for shopping purposes as well as because it serves as a good entertainment hub for all. A good place to have your recreational time being wasted which eventually will accommodate as a good memory for everyone. Perfect place to bring your friends and family. You might enjoy shopping, watching movies, or spending time at the bar, snacks and ice cream parlors and many more. Location – City center, Uttoryan TWP, Siliguri, West Bengal.

7. Vega Mall

Vega Circle is located in the heart of Siliguri, where you can find fashion trends shops, can play games like Bowling,8 ball pool in Smash and other virtual games, as well as a Movie theatre. This mall is an all-rounder, as well as it is well known for its occasional decoration and infrastructure.No complaints about this fantastic place. Parking available. Best restaurants like dominos, subway, Belgian waffle, etc are available in the food court. The mall contains branded shops, salons, a food court, a game zone, a movie theatre and much more. No complaints about this fantastic place. Parking available. Best restaurants like dominos, subway, Belgian waffle, etc are available in the food court. The movie hall is very hygienic and spacious. A very photo-friendly place with awesome stuff in it.  Boasting a plethora of domestic and international brands for apparel, footwear, cosmetics, electronics, home decor and others, the mall stays packed with shoppers all day long. Must visit this mall if you are looking for shopping or buying groceries or to watch a movie in a theatre as well as pizza and other restaurants. You cannot only enjoy the shopping but the kids also can have a good time as they have maintained a lovely playground where they have a train, horse, swings, etc for the kids. It’s more beautiful in the evening. Barcode is the Best Restaurant in this place where you can enjoy a delicious meal with live music. There is ample parking space available both outside and in the basement. It is the perfect place to visit with soulmates and spend quality time together. Location- Nimbu Basti, Siliguri, West Bengal.

8. Rongtong

Hotel rongtong is the best place to have a nice breakfast before the tedious climb to your destination. This place has the best momos and the wai is mouth-watering. Combined with tea it’s a real mood changer. Also, the hotel opens up to a nice view of the jungle that covers the mountains surrounding it. A good place to hang out while doing trips like Siliguri to tastes great also they cook very tasty wai wai. Rongtong, a small hamlet cradled on the lap of nature boasting of its greenery and aesthetic pleasure. Located 17km from Siliguri and only a few miles away from Sukna, Rongtong is quite often visited by the people residing in the plains and also by the tourists who aim to visit Darjeeling. Rongtong truly justifies the tag of one of the must-visit places of North-East Bengal. Even though it’s a quaint little place, it has many unique things to offer. you can also make a good stay there. Couples can visit here during their long trip. Very pleasant atmosphere. Location- Hill cart road, Sepoy, Dhura tea garden, Siliguri, West Bengal.

9. Salugara Monastery

Salugara Monastery is a Buddhist temple on the outskirts of Siliguri. The Monastery has located 6 km from the city. The monks and the Buddhist temple were worshipped by various people. Salugara Monastery is one of the finest places to visit. It is 8 km away from Pani Tanki. This is one of the finest monasteries of nowadays. Situated near main national highway going towards Gangtok. In this monastery, the facility of learning for male and female monks is in two separate buildings with all modern living gadgets. The building is huge and marvelous. It’s a really good place for meditation and knowing about Buddhism. Outside the monastery, there are restaurants, markets, ATMs, etc. The whole place remains peaceful all time. It’s near the main road. There’s a fixed time to visit. There are many things to see, a great place to pray. Buddhism is another word for peace and non-violence. If you get time do visit the monastery for utter peace. a beautiful place with its pleasing g and beautiful architecture. The monastery itself gives a sense of calm and peace. It’s absolutely a place to visit but sadly due to covid 19, the entry to its premise is closed. Before you plan your visit here check out whether it’s open or not. Historical art is of course one of the major attractions apart from the religious front. Even couples also visit here to pray and worship. Location-  Ward 42, Salugara, Siliguri, West Bengal.

10. Coronation Bridge

It’s the most beautiful and amazing bridge in this region. You can come here at any moment of your life and enjoy the beauty of this bridge…if you climb higher there is a point from where you can see the whole bridge clearly. From there it really looks amazing… If you want to visit here with your mate or your loved ones so everyone can enjoy the moment there…It’s the most beautiful and amazing bridge in this region. You can come here at any moment of your life and enjoy the beauty of this bridge. If you climb higher there is a point from where you can see the whole bridge clearly from there it really looks amazing. You can enjoy and have a refreshment if you are staying near Siliguri. Famous Sevoke Kalibari is also nearby. The view is awesome. It is also known as BAAG POOL as two tigers used to visit the site every night during its construction days. If you want to visit here with your mates or your loved ones so everyone can enjoy the moment. This bridge was constructed in the British period and it lies over the Teesta river. In this area, Sevok kali mandir is one of the famous holy places for people. Do visit the place of heaven. Location – Sevoke road, Siliguri, West Bengal.


  I would like to advise you to visit these places twice a year. These places can make your mind and mood fresh and relaxed. These are the places where you can also make your bond stronger by spending quality time with your partner. “Perfect  places” for “perfect people” . Hurry up, pack your bags, make your mood and visit once a year in the place “Royal Siliguri ” in West Bengal.



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