Top 5 restaurants in Kalimpong.


The best restaurants in Kalimpong where Indian, Chinese, Italian, is being served. It’s rich, extremely satisfying, and packed full of spicy flavor. It’s available all over the streets and cities of every part of the area and is usually eaten along with a few freshly grilled chapatis.

 Dairy plays a huge role in North Indian food. Paneer, a hearty cheese, is one of the most popular main ingredients, especially for those that are vegetarian and need protein. You can have some delicious non-vegetarian food here. Thick full-fat yogurt is heavily used in snacks known as chaats, and also is often served along with any normal thali. Milk and products of milk form the foundation of many of the North Indian sweet desserts as well. 

Here are many food bloggers who try to explore many areas and make food blogs. These are only a few restaurants in the city that make all the items to perfection. Special care and attention have been given to cleanliness and hygiene. It is a well-maintained restaurant, decorated with low lighting for added ambiance. The hospitality offered by each of the staff is par excellence. 

The table and chairs were thoroughly sanitized and all the cutlery sets were provided in polythene packing to ensure 100% hygiene. This restaurant has taken some special arrangements towards COVID-19 safety. Here are some of the famous and best restaurants detailed in the following article:-

  • Wok In Restaurant
  • This restaurant is all about Nostalgia and the old Kalimpong vibe. The ambiance directly takes you back to the olden days of Kalimpong. Amazing continental food. A huge variety of dishes and each one is as good as the other. Devilled Crab, Chateaubriand steak, chicken a la Kyiv, angels on horseback, chicken tetrazzini are some of the outstanding dishes here.

     Love the whole Wok In Restaurant menu. And also you gradually fall in love with the ever-busy ambiance of the place. If you love varieties of dishes, you should visit here. Your mind will be blown after seeing there are so many types of different foods which taste awesome. You also get varieties of desserts and drinks too. A very good restaurant for people who wanna talk about something and have a good appetite. The food is good and the staff is nice though the wait time may vary. 

    Safety norms and social distancing is observed according to guidelines. Staff wear face shields and gloves and notice that they are sanitizing the tables and chairs after the patron leaves..Food is good and enjoyable. Visited this legendary place last week after a long time. Not much has changed in terms of the mandatory waiting time on weekends, the courteous staff, and cozy sitting. 

    Was good to see that they have taken good measures for COVID-induced distancing by placing partitions between tables and all waiters were wearing masks and face shields. Coming to the food, you can try some of their signature dishes and come away very impressed with the prawn cocktail, chicken supreme, fish a-la Diana and crab claws. All the items used fresh ingredients and tasted awesome. Also, baked Alaska is a must-try for dessert.

     With an air of sophistication, Try the mulligatawny soup with garlic toast, relax and have a cocktail, and forget about the mayhem of Kalimpong just a bit outside the doors… You are possibly not choosing right if you are going for anything but their continental signature dishes. Mind you, as a global citizen you might not find this place to be the most sophisticated.

     They could do it with a PR person, to up a couple of notches on the level of sophistication to be able to live up to the quality of food they serve. But take away the sophistication, go with your instincts and gorge into some of the signature continental dishes, and you shall realize that this place can compete with, if not beat, some of the other renowned continental outlets in other cities just by the sheer quality of food they serve. An institution in itself. 

    Visitors to the city must visit this place. Wok In Restaurant has always been the benchmark of continental food in Kalimpong. Service is prompt and staff is accommodative. Food tasted yummy as always. Must visit. Location – 1st floor, Trimurti complex 9th mile, Kalimpong, West Bengal.

  •  Nima restaurant is a great place to have lunch. Safety measures on account of COVID-19 are being taken and the food is great. The place is nicely decorated with good service. A nice place to have something if you are in Kalimpong..seats are separated with glass walls.. all staff wear masks.. temperature checking and sanitation was also done before entering the restaurant.. and what to say about the food.. it was tasty.. quantity was also good.. worth every penny… It’s a charm which you don’t want to miss especially if you are a person who just can appreciate good food.

     Chelo kabab is an absolute must and a chicken sizzler. Virgin Mojito is refreshing. Vanilla and waffle with chocolate sauce was another banger. The ambiance is brilliant and the service is top-notch. This is what you pay for always looking for the next time. If you order a half-plate it will be enough for two people. The bar is closed nowadays due to covid and on weekends you will face rush though their arrangement is superb, well-sanitized tables and all. 

    Ordered their specialty Chelo Kabab, it was scrumptious. The kebabs were so juicy and soft, the texture was velvety,  and the porch was perfectly cooked. The rice was also sufficient. A perfect and complete dish. Though the price of everything on the menu was on the higher side, However outside the restaurant, during peak hours, there is quite a waiting time to get a seat, because of which a lot of people are gathered near the entrance and social distancing is not followed.

     Although this is something which the people themselves should understand but think of letting Y’all know… It’s old but has a satisfactory feeling when you enter and leave. The restaurant has dim lighting though which could be improved. The specialty here is two dishes, one the prawn cocktail which is not a cocktail but a dish where it’s served cold with prawn in prepared mayonnaise in a small bowl and the second best thing is the Chelo Kebab Platter. This dish is delicious and worth your ₹430.

     It is served with rice and butter with a roasted tomato and Onion and raw cucumber and raw tomato with a full stick of chicken kebab with capsicum onion and tomato grilled together and two mutton seekh kebab and a sunny side up. Entering here…you meet with an ambiance of a Royal age…quite different from the present outer world.

     Food is sophisticated.. not over spicy.. juices, tutti-frutti small or big, are just excellent. If you haven’t tried it yet, please do. you won’t be disappointed. Well, prices are a bit higher than others…The food here is standard North Indian with some continental dishes thrown in, but both quality and value are very good for such a nice restaurant in a prime location.

     Two people can eat very well for under 1000 Rs. The Afghan chicken was delicious.. and on weekends, festivals you shall have to wait in a queue outside to get a table….but once you get it….Do visit here…Location – Dr.Ongden Rd, Kalimpong.

  • Upstairs.
  •  There is a separate waiting area in case all the tables are full. The restaurant is on the top floor but there is an elevator. Also ample space for four-wheeler parking. The restaurant is wheelchair accessible. Separate Bar and dining areas so people who don’t like to be near alcohol will not have any issues.  Also, the dining area has a no-smoking zone. 

    Food standard has been maintained over the years. The dim sum and turnip cakes are to die for. There is a separate part for office parties but you need to give them prior notice for that. All the staff are nice and well behaved, they will make you feel special. They will guide you with the menu. Every dish that you will taste is brilliant. They claim these to be signature dishes from Sanjib Kapoor. Talking about the ambiance.

     There’s a family restaurant and a bar. You can check both of them and the bar as the family restaurant was too family style. The bar had much of a youngster feel. And not to forget. The complementary paan that they provide after your meal is lovely. It’s nicely wrapped. It’s more of a Chota packet bada dhamaka. This place has to be the best fine dining option as of now in our little city. 

    The food quality is exceptional though a tad on the higher side than most restaurants of the same category here. The standard is maintained in terms of restaurant ambiance, decor, food quality, hygiene, and most importantly staff behavior. From the hostess to your server, they treat you with the utmost courtesy and are very accommodating in terms of the little adjustments you want in the menu. Even the washroom was spotlessly clean at the busy lunch hour. 

    Hope they keep the standard going and would look forward to the weekend lunch/dinner buffet. This is the perfect place for couples to spend a lot of time together. The ambiance is amazing. You will also enjoy the soft music inside. You can have flavors of cocktails and mocktail drinks. They take much less time to serve the food. The environment and the atmosphere are up to your mood. You can spend some time in your evening to get relaxed and fresh. 

    If you’re here then you must try their specialty coffee and Burger. Those that truly appreciate great food, craft hospitality, and artisan infrastructure are discovering a better restaurant experience and we have elevated it to an art form. Food is excellent, for which one can leave non-vegetarian food. If you’re in doubt about what to eat then you can always go for their thalis, which contain the majority of their specialties in a single platter. 

    A small niggle is due to their high standards and good quality food they’re always overcrowded and underserved. It’ll be better if the person or the family reaches before time to get their table and to get served properly by their waiters. The takeaway system is also good and they use corrugated boxes for packing. In our warm contemporary and slightly rustic environment, we create craving dining experiences in a classy and approachable atmosphere. You will love this place. Location- E, main Rd, ChandraLok Kalimpong.

  • Tamu Fast Food.
  • A very good place to hang out. There are 2 sections, a pub, and a rooftop restaurant. The rooftop restaurant has an amazing valley view and the pub section is also good with a pool table and dartboard. The cakes are so soft, it melts in your mouth. Great variety. The staff is so courteous and professional. Above all the prices are perfect.

     They can run rings around that stupid Victoria Junction place. They also deliver the cakes to your homes. You will get many flavors and many varieties of foods here like cakes, pastry, patties, etc… You will also get many drinks like coffee, tea, cold drinks, fruit juice, etc…  Tamu fast food bakes its items every day fresh and spongy. This place also takes orders for any occasion like birthday, anniversary, marriage, etc… They also bake fresh bread, donuts, cookies, etc…And also place their orders in time. 

    The food is good with ample variety. Prices are comparable to any metro city restaurant. One of the best restaurants in the hills has a hookah section which is very very cozy, you can relax and watch the amazing view, and another section which is best at night for partying. This cool little place hosts a pub and a restaurant with live music and a chilled-out crowd. 

    The restaurant on the first floor has a breathtaking view of the Darjeeling mountains. It is a fantastic place. A compact & cozy cafe tucked in an old building which reminds us of the colonial history of our city in between the hustle & bustle of the city. Old wooden tables & chairs & paintings on the wall give the cafe a quite vintage style look. A slate board on the wall behind the cash counter with some catchy quotes written on it is an eye-catcher.

     The staff here are very gentle & humble. Considering the present pandemic situation a sanitizer bottle is kept on every table. It has real seating, a disc, a bar, and a cafe. It has a wide food range and don’t forget to taste their Roxberry Cheese Burger which is fantastic. The food is very tasty and the prices are reasonable for the place. Even without saying them, they decorated the table with heart-shaped balloons, which was so nice of them. 

    The waiters were very nice and helpful. By far, it is the best pub and bar in Kalimpong. Comfortable and cozy, you can enjoy food, drinks, and hookah. Service was efficient. They have a great vegetarian menu. The staff is well trained and demonstrated good customer skills. Very happy to see such creative hangout places open up in Kalimpong. 

    Scope to improve: It would be great to have a proper wine list. The current options are a bit limited. A pure and decent place to visit with friends and family. Awesome vibe, great atmosphere. The dishes as to what you can order for light and heavy meals. The drinks here are good so a must-visit place if you are at Kalimpong… Location- Near Durpin Monastery, Chiba Basti, west main road towards Kanchenjunga viewpoint, Kalimpong.

  • Ale Chojeke restaurant and homestay Durpin
  • A fine place with an excellent variety of foods. The most impressive thing is that the chefs and the staff are really helpful and their behavior is sophisticated. We went for a lunch buffet which was Rs.2159 per was probably called “The Sunday Brunch” which included unlimited beer and mocktails and all the buffet items. There was a huge variety of starters and desserts. The main course items were normal like other restaurants. 

    The Buffet itself was a mixed bag, the starters weren’t as diverse as other popular buffet places but the dessert made up for it! The Main courses were on point. The service was awesome and the chaat counter stole our hearts!.. The dessert was out of the world. Every dish was well-curated and aesthetically served…The restaurant looks so beautiful in the evening.

     They have a seating capacity of more than 150 people. The whole restaurant is well decorated and the outside waiting room is also very beautiful. The food quality was amazing. All the items were delicious. Customer service was undoubtedly good. It’s a very lively place as the Sunday Brunch is just fabulous. It’s a happening and bustling hotel, I must admit.

     As you enter the lobby you find people everywhere be it the main lobby or the Tea Lounge and the All Day dining is an extension of the lobby itself making it even more vibrant and full of life…What an amazing spread it was ..Endless salads, cold cuts, dips, and dressings leading to the bread station and over to the other cuisines. The exclusive decor and the ornate carpets and antique pieces on the walls made it more interesting than ever. 

    The staff did a wonderful job keeping us enjoying our time at Peshawri. Coming to the food, dal Bukhara and murgh khurchan, as suggested by fellow Zomatoers, turned out to be exquisite and truly lip-smacking. Chaats and Puchkas also brightly attract on the other side. Asian spread on a cart to the Bavarian Grills and Roasts just makes this Beer fest brunch worthwhile. . If you are not sure what to order, then safely go with their set menu on offer. On Sundays, they have a different set menu which they call the “Sunday Brunch”.

     It consists of a platter of steamed dumplings, a platter of fried dumplings, one side, one portion of jasmine rice, and dessert. Not to forget the pasta and pizza station which was crowded with children for obvious reasons. One of the best places for fine dining. Staff is really helpful in suggesting to you the choices and portions of the dishes while the presentation of the dishes makes the difference over their competitors. Their hospitality is worth mentioning.

     From a price perspective, it may be slightly pinching your pocket but after all, on a weekend with your bestie or family…. After all, you expect that from an Ale Chojeke restaurant and homestay Durpin rated restaurant. The Dim sums are the best you can find. Even the staff there are very courteous and helpful. The ambiance around there is also perfect.

     So if you are looking for the best Chinese in Kalimpong give this place a visit… It’s a very unique restaurant in Kalimpong which is a very special thing for the tourists or locals to hang out and satisfy their cravings…Location- Durpin, Chandralok, Kalimpong.

  • conclusion.
  • Here are some of the details mentioned in the above article.  You need to have some precious time to spend with your soul mates so you need good places with a proper environment and proper food. Take a look over the details provided in the following above. These are some restaurants that serve many authentic dishes and fresh food you have never tried before so hurry up and enjoy your day. 

    Most of the recipes are dependent on the use of several spices which enhances the taste. Most of the recipes are dependent on the use of several spices which enhances the taste.  This article will help you a lot to choose your best places to have some mouthwatering foods. This article will help you a lot to choose your best places to have delicious foods. 

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