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A cafe is a type of restaurant where people go to hang out with their friends, families and groups to spend some quality time with their favourite person. The cafe mainly serves tea, coffee and refreshments such as snacks. The cafe is one of the most popular beverages; some claim it is most widely consumed by liquids. A cafe is sometimes called a coffee house or a coffee shop. Perfect place for escape. Love music, food and shakes. It is one of the popular hangout places. Wonderful place with impeccable lighting, music and atmosphere. Enjoy the fine ambience and dimly-lit interiors with a rustic type of décor. Read the following article given below:-

Top 5 cafes in Kalimpong

1. Art cafe

Art cafe

2. Cafe Kalimpong

Cafe kalimpong

Cafe Kalimpong focuses more on what is produced in and around Kalimpong. They term themselves as “your local cafe”. The cafe hosts musical and artistic events. With the opening of the Kalimpong Local Project, the cafe has a store where local products manufactured in and around Kalimpong are also kept for sale. Great place to chill out at. You get a full view of the city/part of the city. This looks especially pretty in the dark. The food is great as well.

The people running it are really as well. They kept it open longer than usual for us. There’s an amazing shop within the cafe premises selling goodies, tees, souvenirs and food items made by locals in Kalimpong. It is absolutely delightful to be here. Great views, smiling service, great food. The lapping, ting momo with smoked pork, blueberry bubble tea, and Kalimpong grilled pork sausages, all were totally unique and mouth-watering.

Seats are well spaced out, service is prompt and not hurried. The invigorating aroma of freshly brewed coffee permeates the ambiance, making it too tempting. The café is a great idea for having brunch. You can play board games or read books here. Indoor seating is comfortable, but the wait might just upset you. Try some goodies from the bakery, and you will feel justified in coming here.

This was one of the most scenic Food Joint and welcome relief and out-of-the-world experiences. A Leisure Time spent over Some Lovely Coffee and Books of Ruskin Bond and Also playing the Guitar which was kept at Cafe…One of the best cafes in the town with delicious taste. And this is the only cafe which deals with naturally local handicraft products. It makes this place unique in the town…A tiny food joint with lots of cheap and delicious delicacies to offer.

They also have some wonderful local specialities on their menu. The sitting area is done up quite beautifully… You get a view of the mountains while having a bite there.. their freshly baked desserts need a special mention…You can sit on a terrace with great views over the city. In addition, products from the region are sold: cafes, tea, clothes, and paper products. You will get the cleanliness here and the hotel was a bit premium as compared to the other restaurants. You will enjoy the drinks with different flavours and tastes .. Cocktails, mocktails everything available here.

The foods are very pocket friendly. you will enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and the environment is very refreshing… It is a good place to spend a great time with your friends, families, and lover. You will get good quality and a good quantity of food. You can have their best coffee and cappuccino. The decor is simple but elegant. Offers an awesome view of Kalimpong, very windy and can surely get chilly.

This is run by the family and offers quality home-cooked food. Please do not expect a fine dining restaurant service here. You have to order food at the reception and find yourself a spot. They have quite a collection of books and you are welcome to read if you so wish. The food is quite good but it could be Kalimpong. The environment is very refreshing.

If you lose your motivation, a cup of coffee in Café Kalimpong and a conversation with people over there will help you get back your lost motivation. Do visit if you are in Kalimpong. The cafe is located around a 10-15 min walk from the main town away from all the hustle and bustle, and you can see the main part of Kalimpong from the cafe while enjoying a nice cup of local coffee. The second is Food.

There are many Cafes in Kalimpong but very few of them offer a good food menu (including local food) and Cafe Kalimpong is one of them. Third is community service & the initiative to support locals. Be it the Artists, food or other talents, Cafe Kalimpong has always come forward and contributed to society and helped make Kpg a better place. And the staff are pretty cool too. So, as a local guide, I’d highly suggest visiting this place. Location- E main road, near Paramount School, Kalimpong, khasmahal Kalimpong.

3. Roxberry pub and cafe

Roxberry pub and cafe

A very good place to hang out. There are 2 sections, a pub and a rooftop cafe. The rooftop cafe has an amazing valley view and the pub section is also good with a pool table and dart board. The cakes are so soft, that it melts in your mouth. Great variety. The staff are so courteous and professional. Above all the prices are perfect. They can run rings around that stupid Victoria Junction place. They also deliver the cakes to your homes.

You will get many flavours and many varieties of foods here like cakes, pastry, patties etc… You will also get many drinks like coffee, tea, cold drinks, fruit juice etc… It bakes its items every day fresh and spongy. This place also takes orders for any occasion like birthday, anniversary, marriage etc. They also bake fresh bread, doughnuts, cookies, etc.And also place their orders in time. The food is good with ample variety.

Prices are comparable to any metro city cafe. One of the best Cafes in the hills has a hookah section which is very very cosy, you can relax and watch the amazing view, and has the other section which is best at night for partying. this cool little place hosts a pub and a cafe with live music and a chilled out crowd. The cafe on the first floor has a breathtaking view of the Darjeeling mountains.

It is a fantastic place. A compact & cosy cafe tucked in an old building reminds us of the colonial history of our city in between the hustle & bustle of the city. Old wooden tables & chairs & paintings on the wall give the cafe a quite vintage style look. A slate board on the wall behind the cash counter with some catchy quotes written on it is an eye-catcher. The staff here are very gentle & humble. Considering the present pandemic situation a sanitiser bottle is kept on every table. It has real seating, a disc, a bar and a cafe. It has a wide food range and doesn’t forget to taste their Roxberry Cheese Burger which is fantastic.

The food’s very tasty and the prices are really reasonable for the place. Even without saying them, they decorated the table with heart-shaped balloons, that was so nice of them. The waiters were very nice and helpful. By far, it is the best pub and bar in Kalimpong. Comfortable and cosy, you can enjoy food, drinks, and hookah. Service was efficient. T

hey have a great vegetarian menu. The staff is well trained and demonstrated good customer skills. Very happy to see such creative hangout places open up in Kalimpong. Scope to improve: It would be great to have a proper wine list. The current options are a bit limited. A pure and decent place to visit with friends and family. Awesome vibe, great atmosphere. The dishes as to what you can order for light and heavy meals. The drinks here are good so a must-visit place if you are at Kalimpong, Location – Trimoti Complex, 9th mile near Dream Theater cineplex, Kalimpong.

4. Za Khang Authentic Bhutanese Restaurant

Za Khang Authentic Bhutanese Restaurant

5. The Warehouse

The Warehouse

Beautiful cafe with a cool ambience. The Staff are very friendly. You can get a variety of foods at pocket-friendly prices. Both in and out sitting are available. You can enjoy it with your friends and family too. Love their hospitality. The cafe is cosy with both indoor and outdoor seating available. The food is also delicious and comes at a pocket-friendly price. One of the best budget cafes out there. The ambience is really great and so is the food quality. The table and chairs blend perfectly with the surroundings, with the stage adding some more points to their visual appeal. The service is quick.

The orders are taken promptly with the boys knowing quite well how and what to suggest to the customers. They have good knowledge of the preparation that goes into making each dish. The presentation is beautiful. A wide range of dishes is available at a very reasonable price. The quantity and quality of each item were enough and up to the mark. Service is fast and the staff are courteous. They have a variety of options starting

from coffees and shakes to desserts to pizzas, risotto, pasta, yum chicken wings.. mouth-watering prawn dishes. Good Food, Good ambience, Good People, it’s actually a nice place to hang out. The ambience was super, the seating was well planned, and gave you privacy for your group. There was a screen put up and an IPL match was going on the screen. Interestingly this is a good place to watch a match peacefully. Non-veg Platter in starters-  This comes along with Fish fingers, chicken popcorn, and 2 more things. A long passage in an old Bondi House will take you to a bistro in the backyard.

This stunning property is a wonderland for youngsters and the oomph will keep you glued. Simplistic décor but casual arrangements will make you feel comfortable. The environment is so peaceful, yet fun. They have games to play and enjoy time with friends. Their coffee is incredible. It has one of the best sanitization processes in practice in town.

From morning till night it serves amazing food which suits the taste and mood of city dwellers which is quite evident from the crowd. It’s such a delight to see different groups of people busy in their chit chat, laughter, friendly banter etc. They have a huge collection of books and board games. All the things were deep-fried. You can go there to take a break from your shopping spree and have a bottle of beer.

Prices are appropriate according to the quality and quantity of food. The place is warm & happy, hustling and bustling with people all throughout the day. Add to it the perfectly standard food at a very reasonable price. Location – Mongbol Basty, Kalimpong.


Here are some of the details mentioned in the above article.  You need to have some precious time to spend with your soul mates so you need good places with a proper environment and proper foods. They also take care of the customer’s satisfaction and the quality and quantity of food. If food is good then your mood and health are good. Go through the details we provided you. Take your love, friends, and family and also book your special days in those places and surprise him/her to make your bond stronger and celebrate your special day there. I can surely say that you will fall in love with the simplicity of that place and have great fun. We also hope that the younger generations will continue the tradition and practice so that it will not be elapsed over time. This is common in every part of India and has helped in spreading the popularity of various regional dishes in other parts of India. Do check out the full articles for more details.

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