This is one of the most beautiful places situated 56km away from Siliguri. You can go by driving on Tenzing Norgay Highway and Sukna Town and up to then to Rongtong.  It is a city which is friendly with nature, boating its greenery and great pleasure. It truly justifies the tag of a once must visit this place in North-East Bengal. The place has so many unique things to offer as well. 

This place is visited by most the people after Sukna. The place is also famous for tourists as it is attractive to those who aim to visit Darjeeling.  The place is reachable both by roads and railways. The Toy train is very famous over there and also it attracts the people with joy. Here are a few more details regarding Rongtong given below:-



Rongtong is a serene getaway destination for people residing in and around Siliguri. Often visited by the people living in proximity to the area, it has even drawn countless visitors aiming to travel to Darjeeling and adjoining hill stations. Detached from the overcrowded city, the place retains sheer peace and a soul-soothing area.

 The Bold Himalayan range and the abyss of tea gardens and the larks tuning the melodious songs create serenity and unmatched Thrills. Rongtong is the best place to have a nice breakfast before the tedious climb to your destination.     You can have a filling tummy while visiting the place.  There are some shops in rongtong and is nearby to tindharia outpost police station you’ll find snacks there like momo, noodles wai-wai drinks are also available there. 

Separate cabin sitting is also available for couples to enjoy their meals. The place also attracts mouth-watering tradition outods and indulges in the lifestyle of the people of that place. Best place to hang out when you visit Rongtong or nearby places. Rontgen often grabs the attention of hundreds of people each year.

 The place is a paradise for Bird- Watchers as different types of birds are found chirping like melodious songs, which naturally becomes refreshing for the birdwatchers. There are different types of birds and other eye-catching species. One can visit this place to enjoy their vacation. Thus we can say that the place Rongton is very wonderful, for spending some time with family or any companion. Once it has time then you can take a visit to this place.

 A beautiful place for a quick getaway. Take a table towards the windows and watch the clouds float by as you sip on your tea/coffee. The food is amazing as well. This place is far away from the overcrowded city with peace and eco-friendly weather. After reaching Rongtong, the only good place for some good food is Hotel Rongtong. The best you can get here is the famous and delicious dry wai-wai. There you can get alcohol also. Prices are also very reasonable.

 The only thing, that’s not appreciable is you have to pay your bill before placing your order. While passing through this region, you will find it hard not to fall in love with the spectacular views and the quiet environment. Even though it’s a quaint little place, it has many unique things to offer. A small and beautiful full place to enjoy your snacks in the lap of mother nature.

 You can find a glimpse of the world heritage toy train now and then from here also. Many varieties of birds are seen in nearby areas, Kurseong is about one hour journey from this place. There is no more homestay nearby. So per head charge is little more as no competitors. Food is so so. It is good for bird watchers but not much scenic beauty as compared to hill tourist spots.

  • Location And how to get there.

Rongtong is located 17km away from Siliguri. You can reach rongtong every way during a short trip through Darjeeling mode towards the Sukna region. The famous Darjeeling Toy train runs through Rongtong to Sukna and further from Kurseong to Darjeeling. You can experience this once in a lifeTime to enjoy the ride on a toy train and make a memory.

 It is easier for the tourists to visit as well as provides a lifetime opportunity for them to enjoy the ‘Joy Ride’ on Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. NJP is the nearest railway station whereas Bagdogra is the nearest airport.

  • Best time to visit in Rongtong.

You can visit in every season. It offers a unique charm to visit this place. The weather in Rongtong stays charming. But still, if we talk about the best time to visit Rongtong, it is certainly Autumn. During autumn, all the forest area leading to Rongtong is covered in golden and brown leaves. However, there is a magical charm in this place whether it be summer or winter the weather out here never fails to captivate its visitors. Do visit this mesmerizing place.

  • Nearby tourist places.

Sukna is just 7 km away. The forest of Sukna is what attracts travellers to it. Darjeeling is also quite nearby and can be visited quite easily. Sukna is a small town located at the foothills of the Himalayas on the Darjeeling Siliguri route. The peaceful ambience and unbeatable natural beauty of Sukna attract tourists who want to spend some quality time amidst nature. 

A long drive or walk on a road passing through the Railway of the thickly wooded forest of Mahananda wildlife sanctuary is a great experience. There is mysterious magic in this place whether it be summer or winter the weather out here never fails to entertain its visitors. It’s a beautiful place amid green forests. Dudhia – Located on the bank of the meandering Balason river is a picturesque hamlet Dudhia just 15 Kilometres from Sukna. 

Its serene ambience and verdant landscape make this place favourite to the surrounding people. Dudhia is an ideal place for Riverside camping. It is also a well-known picnic spot for the local people. Another attraction of Sukna is the Toy train Station. The toy train goes from the heart of Sukna along with the main road. Take a trail along the Balason River to discover the serenity of Mother Nature.

 Far from the madding crowd, Dudhia with its impeccable beauty has become the perfect getaway destination. The landscape of Balason and roads leading towards Dudhia has captivated the mind of many travellers with their mesmerizing beauty. Sukna offers some of the most prominent landmarks such as the Forest Department Campus, Sukna Army Cantonment, and the Sukna Railway Station and museum. One of the major attractions in West Bengal.

Nearest place to visit from Rongtong

1. Shivakhola


One of the nearest places to visit in Rongtong is Shivakhola. Which is nearer to Rongtong. This place is dedicated in the name of Lord Shiva. One of the most famous tourist destinations around. Shivkhola is a picturesque tourist destination in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal. The prime attraction of the place is its mesmerizing natural beauty with the cascading Shiv Khola river making its way through boulders and rocks.

 An ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is located on the bank of the river. The Shivkhola village is situated in a lush green valley at a distance of 1 km from the temple. On the opposite bank of the river lies the ShivKhola Adventure Camp which offers opportunities for trekking, bird watching, and other adventure activities. You can also visit Nurbong Tea Estate and Latpanchar from Shiva Khola. From Rongtong, it’s a mesmeric road to this place.

 The place offers Tent, Normal rooms, and deluxe room stays. Prices are reasonable but you can negotiate. The food is awesome and the staff is too. Wonderful place for an outing with close friends. A short ride from Siliguri to rongtong. Little adventurous ride. The Twists and turns of Shibaidura and Chunabhatti will mesmerize you. 

The scenic beauty of hills and rivers will enchant your soul.. rejuvenate you from regular monotonous corporate office life.. hospitality is very promising. The place is surrounded by a mountain bed. A small stream is running parallel. During the evening time, you can relax beside the river bed. At night you can have a bonfire for enjoyment. Staying in a tent is a different experience altogether. In one word it’s just awesome.

 A destination place dedicated in the name of Lord Shiva. This is a place that has got a perfect blend of being very well-connected to nature’s lap but not exactly in between the woods. A temple on the banks of the river is believed to be built by Lord Shiva is also situated at this place. Shivkhola is a picturesque tourist destination in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal. Shivkhola Adventure Camp is simply heaven for those who love to stay close to nature and away from the concrete jungle. 

There is a small stream adding more beauty to this beautiful hilly village. An ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is located on the bank of the river. The Shivkhola village is situated in a lush green valley at a distance of 1 km from the temple. Shivakhola is somewhat 27 KM from Siliguri surrounded by Tea Gardens. It will hardly take 2.5 – 3 hours driving distance to reach Shivakhola from Siliguri. 

While you are heading towards this beautiful village, you may come across some city traffic but once you cross that you enter the gorgeous forest in Sukna. Sukna is located at just 15 minutes’ driving distance from Siliguri, from that spot you need to take a turn towards the right, this route would head towards Sukna Railway Station (Toy Train). After crossing the Sukna Railway Station, you are now in Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary. 

 According to mythological beliefs, this temple was originated by Lord Shiva. The name “Shivkhola ” comes from Lord Shiva and the small stream which flows through the valley. Beautiful place for a picnic and hang out the chill with your friends and spend some time without your loved ones. In Sminuteshivkhola you will find a beautiful mountain river which is filled with water in summer and during winter you will find no water good place for time pass. 

The adventure camp is a great place to stay. The services are great, the staff and the owner are very friendly and helpful, and the food they serve is also good. It is also a good place for birding,  especially in the winters. The weather is decent, not too hot or cold. The ambience of the place is very romantic for couples. Shivakhola is surrounded by tea gardens and on the bank of a river offering bird watchers to stay right in the heart of prime bird-watching areas. You have to cross that river to reach the camp. There are well-decorated tents in the camp equipped with modern amenities. 

2. Sitong


One of the most untouched parts of the Darjeeling Himalayan foothills, Sitong is a treasure trove yet to be discovered. This little picturesque Lepcha village lies in a valley crisscrossed by a rivulet (Khola) and guarded by lush green hills. Places to see at Sitong: When the oranges bloom, the whole village is covered in a hue of orange. 

You can also spend time walking all around the village along with the farms or sit idle on the banks of the Riyang river and watch the Lepcha kids returning home. In Sitong, you would love doing “nothing.”Nearby attractions at Sitong: The house of Rabindranath Tagore at Mungpoo is just 20 km away and Latpanchar – the highest point in Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary is 13 km. from Sitong.

 Latpanchar is also known for being the home to the Himalayan Salamander and numerous species of birds and butterflies. Other touristic destinations like Kurseong, Dilaram, and Bagora are all within 20 km of Sitong. Chatakpur, the picture-perfect village within the Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary is also within 30 km. of Sitong. 

Things to do at Sitong: Enjoy long nature walks along with the villages and take a peek into the traditional lifestyle of the Lepchas, eat as many oranges as possible and visit the church to find some solace. You can enjoy a dip in the Riyang River and do some bird watching and butterfly watching too. You can also avail yourself of some light treks to the nearby Labda village and a few nearby spots with a local guide. 

How to reach Sitong: There are three routes to reach Sitong. The shortest route (55 km) is through Siliguri – Sevoke – Kalijhora and Latpanchar. The second route (78 km) passes through Siliguri – Rambhi and Mongpoo. The third route (75 km) is through Kurseong – Dilaram – Bagora, and Ghareytar. The last leg of the journey to Sitong (last 15 km) is quite steep. Best time to visit Sitong: November, December, and January are the best times to see oranges is Sitong.

 The orange harvest takes place during late December and early January. As Sitong is located around 4000 feet above sea level, it is also a nice place to beat the heat during the summer. The rivers and streams get filled after the rains and the lush greenery is something not to be missed during the monsoons is Sitong. Lodging & Dining facilities at Sitong: The newly built three-story guesthouse of Sitong church located on a hilltop has been modified with all modern facilities for the guests.

 There are nine double bedded rooms with attached western bathrooms, solar power, and 24 hrs warm water. The lobby has a fireplace where you can get along with your family enjoying a cosy evening. Organic vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is served in the Guesthouse’s Dining hall.

3. Borong


Located at an altitude of 6800 feet in South Sikkim is the perfect destination for nature lovers. The main attraction is the laziness of the place. Borong can be easily accessed from Siliguri or New Jalpaiguri. It is 20 km from Ravangla. Borong in South Sikkim is a newer destination for tourists who want to go a bit offbeat. Borong can also be reached from Pelling, Gangtok, and Rinchengpong.

 With the Himalayan Mountains situated in the backdrop, Borong offers an ideal place for those seeking peace and tranquillity. You can stay over at Borong in cottages that are covered by hilly trees on every side. You can catch a mind-blowing view of the snow-capped Himalayan Mountains. When the sun kisses the snow peaks during sunrise, it’s a sight that is worth the effort that you put in to visit Borong.

 You can easily catch glimpses of the Narsingh, Sinolchu, and Pandim summits. Watch this beatific scenery while listening to the chirping of birds like the black magpie, the scarlet minivet, and the Himalayan pheasants. Himalayan Pheasants, Blue and Black Magpie, Scarlet Minivet and so many colourful birds are there to welcome you into their empire.

 The only sound you will listen to there are their chirps of them. The view of mighty snow peaks Narsingh, Pandim, and Sinolchu will mesmerize you throughout the day. Maenam peak is also trekkable from Borong and takes less time.

These are a few nearby places which you can visit if you are visiting Rongtong. 

How to Reach

Trains are running from Sealdah, Howrah, and Kolkata to New Jalpaiguri. The journey from Kolkata to New Jalpaiguri takes around 10 hours. Auto rickshaws are plying from New Jalpaiguri to Siliguri. Cars are available from New Jalpaiguri and Siliguri to reach Rongtong via Hillcart Road. Shivkhola is easily accessible from Rongtong via Nurbong Tea Estate. Also, you can visit Borong and Sitong which fall in Darjeeling root nearby Rongtong.

  • Things to See in Rongtong.

Surrounded by the vast forest of Dooars and the outstanding Himalayan Mountain, Rongtong has not one but countless reasons to visit it. There are plenty of worthwhile things to explore. The lush green forest of Rongtong captures the minds of many travellers. There are many tea gardens with a magnificent view of the mighty Himalayan Range is also what lures visitors towards it. 

Rongtong is also known for offering a fascinating birding activity. Birds like Himalayan Bulbul, Spangled Drongo, Black-Crested Bulbul, Scarlet Minivet, Serpentine Eagle, Shikra, Golden-Fronted Leafbird, and Green Bee-eater, etc can be seen flying as Rong Tong is quite near to the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary. 

  • Siliguri to Rongtong route by toy train.

 Darjeeling Himalayan railway has come to a new concept. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway has started a toy train from Siliguri which would go to Rongtong and would come back again.  From Siliguri it will Start at 3:00 pm, reach at 4:00 pm and spend some time there it will come back again at 5:00 pm and reach at 6:00 pm Siliguri. re it would come back at 6 pm to Siliguri. 

The toy train is always an attraction to tourists and to make the visit to Darjeeling more charming this innovative thing has been ideated. To add more, evening snacks and hot coffee would also be served. To enjoy the evening beauty in the lap of hills, with a cup of hot coffee is a heavenly feeling. 

The Darjeeling Himalayan Railwayof has decided to take it further if a positive response is achieved from the tourists’ side. The alpha line to start this project is to promote the heritage of the Darjeeling Himalayan railway.


If you are a kind nature-friendly person then you are going to love this place. While visiting Rongtong travellers should view the serenity of Rongtong. The amazing view of the surroundings and the road towards the scenic will undoubtedly make you fall in love with the places. So, this holiday makes a plan to explore it and try its mouth-watering local cuisine.

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