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  Siliguri Gate


  Siliguri Gate
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 Siliguri is located in the narrow corridor connecting the North-East with the rest of India, Bhutan in the North-East, Bangladesh in the south, and Nepal in the west. Siliguri has registered a growth rate of population 46.83 % in the 1981-1991 decade. Siliguri gate has become one of the most popular things to see which is very beautiful. Here is more detailed information in the above article regarding Siliguri:-

Siliguri gate

Siliguri is the gateway of the northeastern state. Siliguri gate is truly a man-made wonder. It is fragile in every way. The imposing structure possibly should have been inspired by the Egyptian pyramids and a star. The uppermost portion is a huge dispersive 3D prism.

 It is made of fibreglass and set on steel frames. The grand crystal is placed above the inverted pyramidal structure which is 4 times larger than the prism itself. It is moderately resembling the shape of a huge diamond. And the whole crystal is made of a huge genetically tied iron pillar built of iron. 

The Description: It’s Distinctive Features & The Surroundings

The Gate comprises three structures. One in the centre is massive and stands twice the size of the two structures on either side. The topmost part is ideally placed above the inverted pyramidal structure. The two smaller structures resembling the main structure serve as the refractive medium. 

The lights are passed from either side, both evenly tilting at an approx angle of 45 Degrees. The entire structure gleams in its utmost sheen and lustre during the daytime. The whole crystal is waterproof and thus remains unharmed by monsoon downpour. Siliguri gate is one of the kind to be built in the entire state. The entire structure is uniquely conceived. 

The entire structure is made very uniquely designed. It is constructed on the outskirts of the main city. The gate overlooks and stands amid the vast stretch of plains. The gate is surrounded by adequate greeneries that develop to its extravagant glamour in the spring and monsoon seasons. Apart from the tied column, every bit of the crystal is built with fibre glasses. The entire structure renders an appeal of a fragile structure. 

Location and nearby places

It is constructed on the National Highway; the gate stands just in front of the Siliguri police commissioner’s office. The gate marks the point of entry to the major part of Siliguri. The gate serves as a Significant place to explore throughout. If you concentrate on one side of the gate then you can visit a few places like:-

1. City center

City center

The mall is one of the biggest in Bagdogra and Darjeeling district. Almost all the brands are available here. They are cheap and good in quality. The mall also has one Nepali store which offers various types of items starting from dry food to meats. The market has a great sports shop on the top floor.

 The sports market is bigger than many of the sports shops in West Bengal even. There are some good restaurants also. . It is well maintained and clean. You can find all the well-known brand stores for apparel as well as hypermarkets. You can also find many dining options as there are many international food chains as well as small shops for food. It has good connectivity to the city.

 Many City Autos and e-Rickshaws ply from and to the city. You can also go by online cabs. City Center is considered the best shopping mall in Siliguri which has several shopping stores, food places, and cinema halls. The Mall is located at the entrance of the 400-acre Uttorayon Township. City Centre attempts to create a much-needed, organized commercial district for the city of Siliguri. 

It is positioned as an interface between the township and the city that envisages a new destination for the local community. There is a banquet spread across 15000 square feet of area. There is a multi-cuisine Food Court, Hangout where various delicacies from different regions can be enjoyed. Location – City center, Matigara, Siliguri.

2. Cosmo mall

Cosmo mall

The first big mall in Siliguri brought upon the whole modern mall culture giving Siliguri the boost of globalization. And also made Siliguri step into the 21st century. It was the change. It’s still standing tall and maybe the most useful mall of all where people go shopping.

 The company is backed by India’s largest retail player, the Future (BIG BAZAR) Group. Big Bazaar, Home town, e Max and many other shops are here. A visit to Cosmos Mall can also be combined with other tourist attractions across the city. Customers of Siliguri and the neighbouring places in the year 2008.

3. Neotia Getwel Hospital

Neotia Getwel Hospital

Multi-speciality hospital with very qualified doctors for COVID 19 in Siliguri. Management and Doctors are very supportive and treatment is up to the mark and word-class…A good place for a medical check-up. The doctors come here at the right time. They give their patients sufficient time and understand their queries. The staff is very polite and very helpful.

 Neotia Getwel is one of the best hospitals in North Bengal. It has all modern facilities under one roof, has clean surroundings and is very well maintained. The staff is also well mannered and looks after all your requirements in a proper way. Doctors are well educated and emergency services are provided at all times.

 The ambience and management of the hospital are also worth appreciation. Though they have a team of experienced and well-known doctors, the cases of negligence have been a matter of concern for a few years… They have a large parking lot providing free parking. Location- Inside u

Uttorayon township, National Highway 31, behind city centre, marinara, Siliguri.

4. Seth Srilal Market

Seth Srilal Market

Seth Srilal Market is one lively and buzzing market in the heart of Siliguri. Being one of the biggest and oldest markets places. The market is just attached to the Hong Kong Market. Seth Srilal Market is famous for its sarees stores and shops where one can get beautiful designer and wedding sarees. 

Seth Srilal Market is one of the biggest and busiest markets in Siliguri… people flock in from different places to shop here… one can get all sorts of clothing items for men.. women…and kids…of latest fashion… apart from these costume designer jewellery… accessories including bags…shoes…are also available… This market is a place for a large number of tailors too… along with these…dress materials of the latest kind are also available.

 Coming to street food… this place provides us with the best Fuchkas in town. Location- ward 11, Hakim para, Siliguri.

5. Siliguri Science Center

Siliguri Science Center

It’s a nice place for students. Various inventions are kept here for the view. The garden is well maintained. It’s the best place for a science tour for school. The place is just osm and if someone visits once they will like the place and its environment. And it is a place where anyone can enjoy and many of the students’ dreams become true. They know about the past or the present science.

 And this place shows the importance of science in everyday life… There is also a shopping complex in Phoenix before reaching NBSC. Please remember it’s easy to reach NBSC from Siliguri Junction Point, but it’s quite difficult to return because of almost no availability of vehicles from NBSC to Siliguri Junction Point in a shared manner. The place is very interesting for people who love to explore and learn new things.

 This place is the best place for nerds, especially the innovation hub. A must-be-visited place for school students to enrich their knowledge as well as to get practical examples of what they read in science books. Entry is only rs. 30 per person. This place is good for kids. It has various outdoor games for kids. It will take more than 2 hrs to cover everything. There is one cafe inside this place. But try to go there before 4 pm. So that you can see everything.

 There are some shows inside the science centre, those tickets cost extra. And those shows have different timings. Overall this place is open every day except Monday. Connectivity to this place is very good. Local buses, auto, and taxis are easily available for this place. It’s very near to Siliguri. And the city centre mall is 5-10min walking distance from the location.

 Science City is one of the must-visit destinations in Siliguri for inquisitive tourists. The green lawn surrounding Science City’s building is decked with simple equipment and objects like swings, seesaws, and pendulum SMS which explain the laws of physics. Visitors can also feed some guinea pigs and rabbits while strolling around the premises of Science City. Location- NH 31, Matigarahat, Siliguri.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Siliguri is when winter sets in, from October to February. The temperatures drop down to 8 – 10 degrees C and are usually accompanied by light showers and thick fog in some localities, especially during early mornings.

Flora and fauna

The forests are rich in flora and fauna and the plains of North Bengal are surrounded by deep forests. These forests are home to various rare and common species of plants. The forest here is moist tropical and characterized by a dense growth of tall Sal. 

Sal occupies about 80% of all vegetation in these tropical forests. Siliguri is located in the Terai region, a belt of marshy grasslands and dense tropical deciduous moist forests at the base of the Himalaya range which is rich in biodiversity, containing numerous rare species of flora and fauna. Sukna is the gateway to this sanctuary, which is 12 km from Siliguri.


The highways NH 327, which connects Siliguri –  Panitanki, and NH 327B connecting Panitanki – Mechi Bridge, are also part of AH2. There are 3 modes of transport system: bus, rail, and air.

(1)Bus – The main bus terminus serves as a bus depot for both Government and private bus services which is operated by NBSTC. It connects to all other districts and cities in West Bengal like Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Jalpaiguri, Cooch Behar, Malda, Balurghat, Raiganj, Berhampore, Kolkata, Asansol, Suri, etc.

(2)RailSiliguri is well connected through railways to almost all parts of the country. Seven stations serve the city. 

(1)New Jalpaiguri Junction railway station – It is the biggest railway station in Northeast India and serves the city Siliguri. This station is well connected to almost all parts of the country except Goa. NJP is a halting point for 154 trains and it originates 16 trains daily with 4 Rajdhani and 1 Shatabdi express.

(3)Siliguri Town railway station Siliguri Town railway station is also a broad gauge and narrow gauge railway station which is a halting point for 8 trains only.

(4)Bagdogra railway station – Bagdogra comes under the greater Siliguri metropolitan area. It is 10 km from Siliguri junction and the 3rd largest railway station after NJP and Siliguri Junction. Etc.

  Many more railway stations are there.

(3)Air – Bagdogra is the international airport in North Bengal which connects to many airports.



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